This evening, Sinterklaas will pass by a lot of children to give presents. Maybe, if you try to pronounce his name, you notice it's very similar to Santa Claus. Well, that's right, the American Santa Claus is based on the Dutch Sinterklaas. At least his name. And December 6th is his name day.

He looks a bit different, wearing a mitre instead of a cap, but he does some equal things.

He arrived some weeks ago with his steam boat from Spain, since that day, he has been listening to children over the entire country. He asks what children want, and checks in his book to see if they have been good. On the night of December 5th to 6th, he will ride his horse over all the roofs in the country, and give presents in the houses where good children live.

He's aided by his servants, who are called "Black Pete". The Black Petes go down the chimneys of all houses with children, and deliver presents. That's also the reason they are black, from the soot in the chimneys.

As the saint is often distracted (he's also over 600 years old), the Petes need to help him quite often.

Kids who want presents are warned, they need to place their shoes in front of the chimney. And if children also give a present back to the saint (like a carrot or a sugar for the horse, or a beer for the saint and his Petes - he's in Belgium after all) the saint may even give the children more presents.

When the saint leaves, it's time to place the Christmas tree.

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