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Happy 2012 to you all (the year all hell is suppose to break loose!). I think it's going to be a thrilling year. In this picture lies a greater understanding of what my particular problem is. Etty pointed it out-"where are you looking?" I thought I was looking straight, but no... It appears that I am spacing out in the peripherals.
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You only space out during picture taking? I space out doing everything...
No worries about hell breaking loose, didn't you see Back to the Future? Marty went far past 2012!
Lovely photo and nice way to sneak that word in ;)
You were trying not look at your mother-in-law :)
I have a habit of doing the same thing in pictures, I never mean too but i noticed it does add a little bit of mystery to the picture. People can always wonder, "Whats over there?"

Lots of love and well wishes Perry
Ha Ha Ha! The red eye gets you everytime!
Oh Perry...what's not to love about you...nothing I can think of ;)
I understand however. You must consider deeper truths sometime. It's like listening to Janes Addiction. You open up to deeper perspectives!
Focus inward, not outward. Nothing else matters except for the moment that you are in at any particular moment. Thai chi and meditation could help.
That means it's the year of Jane's......upset the system.....FREE US ALL!!!!
hey icu2 and i kinda miss talkin to you, lifes been verily, i say, verily busy
Nice family photo Mr. Peripheral...
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