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Today I've ordered a load more components for the first production batch. I'll be sending out the first "buy your own colorhug" emails to the preorder list in the next couple of weeks.
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+Matt Molyneaux Yes and no. I'm going to calibrate each one against a reference sRGB screen, and ship with that for all display types. As people contribute ccmx matrices, I'll ship with more display matrices programmed onto the device, and leave a lot more available to automatically download and install. I don't own a projector for instance, so I'm hoping people will contribute profiles for that kind of hardware.

It's a classic chicken an egg thing, until people have devices we can't get the ccmx matrices, and until we have lots of nice ccmx matrices the devices are not going to "just work".

Given all the devices can be updated every time a new firmware release or ccmx matrix is uploaded I don't think that gives any early adopters any drawbacks, other than a bit of patience :)

I'll explain all this on the buy.html page when the time comes. In the meantime, you can hopefully watch the list grow at -- the colorhug-ccms GUI utility uses this file to automatically download the newest matrices.
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