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Turn Right At Lake Michigan
One family's journey from Ohio to Chicago in five years or less.
One family's journey from Ohio to Chicago in five years or less.

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Christmahanusolstickkah 2015, Hiraeth, and Goodbye.
Over the summer, I met one of the daughters of the family that lived here for 40 years before us. She was elated to meet me in person, and was quick to ask me if she could come over and visit the house. I skirted around the question -- too many unanticipate...

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In The Span Of A Summer.
There is still so much that is up in the air, right now. Nothing is finalized, yet. I can't really talk about any of it, either, because that's just life as it is these days. It sucks. It has sucked. I imagine it will continue to suck. And this summer ... w...

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Not What It Looks Like.
The sitting amid the clutter was slowly driving me insane. It's been over six months since Kyle moved out, however he's still at the house nearly every day to watch the kids while I work. We have had fights over things -- not allowed to change things in the...

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Believing In Tomorrow.
Over a month ago, there was a clear day after the snow had all melted where the sun came out and the weather was kind enough to remind us all that Spring was right around the corner, if we'd just be patient. I kept finding myself staring out the opened wind...

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The Tiniest Bit Of Kitchen Progress Ever.
So, literally, over a year ago I posted about how the overhead kitchen light went out. And I think what was most shameful about all that, is that we then learned to operate that way, with an uplight we moved around the kitchen as needed. FOR A YEAR. Divorce...

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The Snug.
So this is kind of a big announcement. I am honored to say that I am a Blogger Guest Editor at The Snug , a new online DIY community geared towards Millennials (haaaaaaayyyyy) curated by the editors at Time, Inc (you know, the people behind This Old House )...

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The Dark Side of Late Night Single Mom Home Ownership.
There are just some things that you don't ever anticipate having to DIY, especially not at 2:30 some random Sunday evening/Monday morning while being circled by most of your seven pets and you try not to cry. But let's back up a wee bit. When we first moved...

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The White Bastion Of Christmukkahs Past.
The Christmas tree is still up. I mean, as of this writing (Sunday, pre Downton ) I did manage to get all of the ornaments off of it and put practically everything away. Save for the actual tree, that is. Normally, I consider it bad luck or juju or whatever...

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Just A Little Tease.
Stay tuned...#Dec15 Here's our pre-announcement re: a big announcement #comingsoon bc THAT'S how excited we are — This Old Apartment (@ThisOldAPT) December 7, 2014

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NaBloPoMo 2014, House Edition.
Because I'm a glutton for punishment. And also, because I miss writing and I miss these spaces and so you know, whatever. Let's do this and see what happens. As non-tangible things have come down within the walls of my house, everything has kind of frozen. ...
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