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Robert Barnes
Father, Husband. Reader, Writer. Executive, Consultant. Boarder, Biker. Geek, Friend.
Father, Husband. Reader, Writer. Executive, Consultant. Boarder, Biker. Geek, Friend.


#RedShoeRoadTrip starts today as we head to Canberra for the Associations Forum National Conference. First time at this conference as a sponsor and not representing Fitness Australia. Time to share the true Aptify experience with the association industry through learning. 

The Learning Lab at AFNC14 is host to rockstars of the industry Roslyn Atkinson & KiKi L'Italien with the supporting cast Marcus Duhon and myself. 

The Learning Lab is 20min presentations and 10min Q&A Learning makes for a short sharp learning opportunity. 

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You have probably heard the term - Composite Engagement Scoring - and Marcus Duhon will present it at The Learning Lab next week.

Aptify CEO wrote the book and here is his video introduction talking about the impact of engagement scoring on your association: 
Influencing Your Association's Member Engagement

Are you an Association Executive? Then this is one place you would benefit from being - 

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Now this is something Associations and organisations could start doing themselves to pump up the volume on their online video engagement:

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First time in the snow while it was actually snowing. Keystone CO, thanks for the memories.

+Sterling Raphael - every time I download an update for Plague on my iPad I think of our flight from Sydney to Brisbane. Surprised we didn't get arrested for plotting the downfall of the human race from the cheap seats. 

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Once upon a time this would have been my dream Association job. I loved roller-skating with my Dad more than anything. Watching him as president of the club inspired my Association management career.

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