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Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali
"Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now... I'm here to turn up the volume."
"Oh come, you can hear its faint echo right now... I'm here to turn up the volume."

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Frankenstein´s Mixing Facilities speaking, how may I help you?
I´ve always loved mixing. To shape the sound into more suitable for my vision of the whole package, to practice
making something too good first in order to destroy it later and to help the music finally coming alive in the best possible way. For any compose...

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Exercises in Futility, a.k.a. "What I´ve been listening lately".
While I´m still trying to find some time to write that little studio diary, here´s something I wrote before that. Music recommendations straight outta Trollhorn´s playlist, summer/ autumn 2015, var så goda! Skogen: I Döden (Nordvis Productions , 2014) Take ...

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Digital Chocolate: This was my life
In summer 2004 I
remember talking to a graphics artist at Spinefarm Records. He
mentioned me that he knows a friend in a Finnish mobile game company
who might be looking for an "audio guy". I was nervous and
inexperienced with formal jobs, so for my own sur...

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Digital Chocolate: This was my life
This is a placeholder text for me getting the link to this text which is coming later. Don´t mind it yet.

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Where´s Wald....uhm, Henri?
Prologue Many times I´ve been asked
about why I don´t tour with my own bands I´m otherwise very active
with. Having a steady job and kids are also very good reasons behind
it, but as I had made my decision before I got either, it´s not the
sole scapegoat. T...

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I´d love to write this blog more. In fact, I find writing very therapeutical in a way that at least my head is not occupied with music when I write. As you can see, it´s been goddamn quiet on that front lately- and the reason is not surprisingly mostly Moon...

I´m not really into seeming like an Italian Johnny "Two- butts" Terrano in my public profile with this nickname- thingie, but in order to get my Youtube- channel working properly, I need to make compromises. :/

My mom is probably very proud of me right now for not choosing "Satanik Vulvagoat 666" as my pseudonyme.

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This week, I´ave mostly been eating...TARAMASALATA!
I have a couple of unfinished posts coming up, but meanwhile here´s something which might interest you while waiting. Did you know that we used to make a fanzine back in the 90´s with Ville and some other dudes? We used to publish our personal playlists the...

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"You call your metal black? Its just plastic, lame and weak"
started writing this post in February 2014, but due to lack of time I
never finished it. Nevertheless- my opinions and annoyement haven´t
changed at all lately, rather on the contrary. While there´s some
seriously good music in the world, some things are ...

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Unholy Congregation
Moonsorrow Industries                             Board Member Meeting    09/27/2014, 17:30 – 03:30 EET, Vantaa, Finland. Participants in arriving
order: Henri Sorvali Marko Tarvonen Markus Eurén Ville Sorvali Mitja Harvilahti Topic list 1. Discussing the d...
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