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PoiSonPaiNter is amoungst other things a (hobby) authoress and blogger.
PoiSonPaiNter is amoungst other things a (hobby) authoress and blogger.

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@_weltenwanderer recently shared @Mikkaliest's post about being #wellread & I couldn't stop thinking whether I even am.

A couple of days ago Aleshanee shared a post on Twitter by Mikka from Mikka liest (Mikka reads) about what it means to be well-read, in addition DarkFairy posted another review that made me look through her reading challenges and all of this made me think…

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Got a #LiebsterAward in 2015 from Fissel & am spreading it to a few others like @eve_edgeofnight :)

Okay, so I skipped three weeks of posting something (with good reasons, I assure you!) and you just get a measly tag instead. Sorry, I guess, but let me explain before I get further into it. Skip-Week  #1: On Monday I could finally move back into my flat,…

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A different #travellog about my visit to the KZ Ravensbrück in 2014 #travelling #learningFromHistory #history

With the anniversary of the beginning of WW2 today and regional elections, where brown-ish parties have a far too high chance of joining the state parliament, approaching, I decided that it was about time that I posted this second part 2 of my Journey…

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My entry for @eve_edgeofnight's #writingcontest #campfiretales #waswriting #shortstory

I’ve been following Eve Estelle since I participated (and won) her writing contest “Raven’s Omen“, recently she started another writing contest and for quite some time I wasn’t sure if I would find the time to participate – thanks to not having my usual…

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This time watchable/#animated #webcomics, with @Nichtlustig, @BlindFerret & @SimonsCat

As I can’t decide which Webcomic I want to present to you today and instead of continuing with the Gamers-theme from the last few posts, I’ll simply introduce you to a few animated variations of the comics I already told you about. A not funny series When…

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My thoughts on the new @Ghostbusters #movie with @melissamccarthy, @kmcnuggets, @Lesdoggg & @kristen_wigg

Contrary to what I told you last week do you get a different post than you might have expected, I just needed to get this out of my system after watching the new Ghostbusters movie yesterday evening – there will be Spoilers. But before we start into the…

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Got lazy & made another #special - This time: @Dark_Dungeons & #AttackingtheDarkness by @ZombieOrpheus

Well, I spontaneously decided that you’ll get another Special instead of the usual update, as I am a) too lazy to finish that one and b) have too much to say about one of the films which will also c) lead to a Lost in Translation post (potentially next…

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It's about time I ranted a bit about my #renovation situation... #tiredandfrustrated #sodonewiththis

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you might have noticed that some of my posts mentioned “being on car-commute” or doing something for a “renovation” and you also might remember the comment in this post, where I said that I wanted to rant later on.…

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Ever heard of the #NuzlockeChallenge? Find out what @Nuzlocke created & what @kyleenim & others made of it.

With PokémonGo being the topic all around I decided to add a little bonus chapter to the usual webcomic chapters here about an old phenomenon regarding the normal Pokémon games: The Nuzlocke Challenge The Challenge itself doesn’t have anything to do with…

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A #Special for @deadgentlemen & @ZombieOrpheus #TheGamers #gaming #tabletop

Instead of my usual What’cha Watching Wednesday I’d like to focus on a certain the project of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment (ZOE) and Dead Gentlemen Productions (DGP) that I re-watched since the last instalment (The other stuff will be included in the next…
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