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Do not Press the Big Red Button
(Thanks to +Jeandiata Smith )
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Most humans, when confronted with something labelled End-of-the-World-Switch Do not activate, will give it a quick push, just to see what happens.

I'm not most humans. ;-)
Hey, watch it! Who you're calling a superstar, eh?
Aha... Can you take a screenshot of that please? ;)
Wanted to see the other side of the fence...
Oh I didn't even realize it was on Google Sites LOL

I thought it was some kind of gadget that reflects back at you your own login name or or IP or something like that. It's a gadget alright, but somebody or something plonked my name there. :P
OK doki ... LOL

But source code reveals a gadget ... no idea what's behind that gadget. Let's say the source code has no actual specific text.
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