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Google is now doing unmarked promotions/adverts for other than Google's own products & services.

+Tadeusz Szewczyk : I suppose the search [hotel New York] is still worse, producing a worse SERP (but only because I have to scroll down a bit to find the first organic result when doing [hotel New York]), 

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Microsoft now offering unlimited storage on OneDrive w. Office 365.
Ref. 27.Oct.2014: .
Well, What does Google have:
* (Cached: )
* (Cached: )
Compared to Microsoft, who haven't yet updated their pages to reflect the news of unlimited storage
* .
Right, I (as an individual) am faced w. paying & getting either A or B:
A. Microsoft $8.25/month: ("Office 365 Business")
- the full MS Office,
- unlimited storage space.
B. Google $10/month:("Google Apps for Business and more")
- GDocs suite (i.e. crappy freeware, compared to MS Office)
- 1TB storage.
The Bigger Picture (or Quick Recap):
This February (i.e. Feb.2014), Steve Ballmer, the last dinosaur heir to the PC era, stepped down as CEO of Microft.
The elected successor, Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft), was & is a Cloud guy.
In April, Office 365 users got 1TB storage there in OneDrive (formerly called SkyDrive, before Feb.2014).
Later Microsoft cut prices, while Google (Oct.2014) renamed "Google Apps" to Google Apps for Work, and also partnered w. Rackspace.
(See e.g.: )
And so now (very soon), there'll be no storage limit on OneDrive (for Office 365 users).
Indeed, The Cloud War is raging!
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