Good afternoon/evening/morning G+:
I have a problem and am looking for help.
Like many others, I have been unemployed for 1 1/2 years now and have been actively seeking a JOB (average of 5 to 10 resumes sent out daily). I am running out of benefits and will have no income within the month.
I am not looking for nor do I want sympathy, just gainful employment.
Here are some of my qualifications:

Employee management
Budgeting and financial analysis
Point-of-Sale solutions
Food service regulations
Marketing and event planning
Inventory management
Personnel training and mentorship
Labor cost analysis
I am willing to relocate almost anyplace
All I want is the chance to work again.
I am sending this out public, so as to reach as many people possible who may have a job or who may know someone that does.
For a complete resume or further information, please Private Message me or via email @
Thank you for your time;
Elizabeth Lund
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