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Two local ipa's one from Seattle's Fremont Brewing and the other from Diamond Knot in Mukilteo, WA near Boeing.
I've had both in the past and quite enjoyed them. Now I'm doing a side by side. No bottle date on either. Both look the same with the Fremont being a touch darker.
Same with aroma. Touches of citrus and pine with Diamond Knot having a light floral note.
Both aren't hop bombs by any means but are very tasty. Smooth from start to finish. Fremont's has a bit more bitterness while Diamond Knot's has a bit more resinous quality to it.
If you're ever in the Seattle area you can't go wrong with either for $3.99.
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+Doug Hanson I have had the Diamond Knot one and really enjoyed it. It was certainly not $3.99 for me. More likely in the $10 dollar range for the bottle, but still tasty.
Did you get it online? Shipping always kills.
I love the interurban. I was really happy when I got to have one at Uneeda Burger for our Bike to Work kick off party.
Wow. It's in a tiny little town and doesn't look big enough to brew for its own people.
Found out that Scuttlebutt, in Everett, WA, distributes to Florida and I think somewhere in the NE also.
So you get to drink during work?
No we sure don't. We met on our own time. Actually, we can have a drink on our lunch, but a half hour just doesn't seem like enough time to metabolize it.
We have a big oktoberfest at our work. Work a half day, beer and brats on the companies dime, all while getting paid for the other half day. X-mas and Chinese new year are the same. Of course with different beer and food accordingly.
Sounds like a great place to work. The city frowns on providing alcohol to employees ;) We try to make the case that we're special since we're the library, but they don't listen.
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