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Peter King of says Reggie Bush is "a perfect fit" for the Lions in free-agency. I agree. Do you???

Pro FB Hall of Fame voting today in New Orleans. If still voting, my 5 modern-era picks: Ogden, Shields, Sapp, Carter, Parcells, plus seniors Culp and Robinson. Doubt Carter will make it, and Strahan probably will.

Read what Barry Sanders says about Calvin Johnson's record season. Column on 

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My column on Titus Young on

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Riley Reiff talks about last year's draft preparation on He'll play bigger role on offensive line this year.

Titus Young back on Twitter today, zinging. I stick by my column on Lions should do nothing now, make best deal possible later. Readers reacting on

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Readers are reacting to column on Titus Young. Did he tweet his way out of Detroit? Read my column on

Titus Young hasn't tweeted his way out of Detroit. He was finished before his Twitter rampage Tuesday. Trade has to be made. Read column on

Monday morning re-wind: watching highlights of 49ers-Falcons, how many people does the 49ers OL knock to the ground?? Tons.
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