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Happy 6th Anniversary!
Has it been six years?  Wow.  Instead of looking back like I always do, reminiscing on the past and what I've learned, I’m going
to do something totally different and look keep it really really simple.  Can you tell I'm tired?  Six years feel...

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Life Happens
Not sure what happened to the last six months. Oh right. Full-time library job. Relationship. Holidays. Truth is, I got distracted. By life. Who can blame me really. The past ten years has been full of so many ups and downs that it was nice to finally ha...

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Get-Pop Cultured month at Barnes & Noble!
READ. I had a blast working all of the Get-Pop Cultured events at my local Barnes & Noble in St. Petersburg this past July!  Like my creation of Stand-Up Librarian in 2010, it was a terrific opportunity to combine my love of creating literary outfits inspir...

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Happy 5th Anniversary!
“ I look at all of the
things I have accomplished over the past four years as the Stand-Up Librarian
from performances and events to literary purses and parody songs, but the two things I wanted more than anything else was to be hired as a
librarian at a li...

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Just in time for April Fools' Day...the James Joyce Eye Patch!
Available for a limited time probably just for today... Introducing... THE JAMES JOYCE EYE PATCH!  The James Joyce eye patch. Because if you are going to read 786 pages of Ulysses,  why not really challenge yourself and use just one eye!  100% c...

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Get Cursed at the Haunted Mansions of Central FL
My first cover story for Creative Loafing Tampa! I love haunted houses.   Maybe it’s because I
basically grew up at Walt Disney World’s The Haunted Mansion attraction, where this year Disney is releasing
Haunted Mansion Authentic, a large assortment of merc...
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