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Journal Entry May 10th, 2012

Another busy day! The sun is shining and the temperatures are in the 70˚F range. Perfect for butterflies. I just had to find time to check the milkweed plants for eggs. Still frustrated that I haven't seen any Monarchs flying around the yard, but I am seeing lots of Mourning Cloaks and small Sulphurs.
Finally got out at 3:30 pm to check for eggs. The mammas have been busy!
Found 76 eggs!
Total egg count : 200

There were also 12 more hatchlings late last night, plus 24 today. I spent a little time transferring the tiny first instar monarchs into cages. And I photographed this happy, plump two day old cat, with a slightly younger friend. His head is the same size as it was at birth, but his body is much bigger. He will have to shed soon. I hope I can catch that process with my camera.
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