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Carrie Fisher has passed away. Rest In Peace.

Honored by her enemies ("Charming... to the last." - Guvernør Tarkin).

A fine judge of character ("I don't trust Lando!")

Took the lead when all others were lost ("Into the garbage-chute, fly-boy!")

And eloquent, even under pressure ("Why, you stuck up... half-witted... scruffy-looking... NERF-HERDER!")

Yeah... that's it...

New word: badassitude. 

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I have created a MapTool campaign that allows you to play the Print-n-Play scenario of the Conan Boardgame, that was so successfully funded on Kickstarter (

How that looks, you can see in this post on boardgamegeek (scroll to the bottom):

It uses a customized version of Lord.Ashes' "N-state framework" for turning over cards and certain counters.

And it includes a no doubt horrible but working macro to reset the game board for a new game. 

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The Mrs and I, my daughter and her boyfriend are playing what you might call a Dyson mini-campaign. Mostly +Dyson Logos's "Dyson's Delve" with his "Challenge of the Frog Idol" as "the town".
They are about ready for level 8 in the dungeon and have so far only lost one party member.

But trouble stirs in Coruvon, and suddenly the party has become enemies with a new religion in town!

So I made a map for some of that, for I totally expect my players to not being pushed around by these cultists with their sick beliefs. I expect them to go in an put them down! So, the Caves!!!!


Coruvon - The Swamp Arena, formerly an important trading town handling trade coming down the Ironflow river has fallen on hard times. It is as if the world is forgetting it. As it has forgotten the nearby great dungeon which (for reasons lost in time) among adventurers is known as "Dyson’s Delve".

At times like these, the predators come out to prey on the weak.

The Church of Marak The Sleeper has come to Coruvon. It is gaining increasingly more followers amongst the scum and the more bitter of her citizens.

“Trade going bad for you? Fishing no longer good on the river? Tired of standing guard in what everyone knows is a doomed town? Come to Marak. There is no need to live a bland life. A boring life. Pray to Marak, that He may remember you still when He wakes from His Dream, and all the world shall be forgotten except the True Believers!!! Pray, and you may be saved."

"And in the meantime, who cares what fate befalls the unbelievers? After all, since they do not believe and do not pray to Marak, they will not be remembered when He wakes. So they are in fact not really alive. Mere figments of Marak’s divine dreaming. While you persist, they will disappear. So they have no real worth. So why not avail yourself of what gain or pleasure you can gain from them until Marak wakes from His divine slumber...?"

"All praise Marak! The morning sun of the Heavens shine upon His benevolent face and wake him!”

Rotten apples all over the town are joining or being pressured into joining the churc of Marak. The Commander has trouble keeping the church’s influence away from his soldiers. The Red Lanterns do not know there are (at least!) one traitor in their midst. A number of formerly wealthy and influential merchants have joined. Any citizen may be a member of or a spy for the Church of Marak.

The Oracle is constantly walking around town, seemingly looking for something.
The commander broods in the keep, trying to figure out to get rid of the Church of Marak.
And everyone else in town sense that trouble is brewing.

The building in Coruvon that the Church of Marak uses as a somewhat spartan temple has some caves below it. The southernmost cave has a ladder that leads up to a secret trapdoor (only secret from above) that opens into an room in the temple.

They are using the caves to keep a secret force of soldiers and priests hidden. This is also where most of the church’s treasure is kept, in a room near the main temple. A number of smaller caves near an underground river in the northeast double as dungeon cells, where the Church of Marak keeps their prisoners for their various nefarious reasons. And the underground river easily washes away anyone who is no longer useful.

In the north there is a cave corridor that ends in a ladder leading up to a secret trapdor (only secret from above). This opens into the cellar of an inn whose innkeep is member of the Church of Marak.

A great rift runs through the complex of caves. The rift is crossed by two rope bridges. An axe rests at either end of the rope bridges. In case of invasion, the bridges can be severed and the Marak-believers can better make their escape out the other exit.


The map is licensed Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 if you want to do something with it. 

"I find your lack of story... disturbing...!"

Been a Star Wars fan ever since I saw The Empire Strikes Back in 1981. So much a fan that I was able to disregard the Jar-Jar of episode I.

But while by far the most of the individual parts of The Force Awakens are really, really good, the story behind it is such a heavy nod to episodes IV and VI that my final impression was one of plagiarazation. I felt cheated. Robbed. Not of my money. Not even of my time. But of my dreams. The two previous trilogies each had a grand story to tell. I wanted the new one to have one too.

12-year old me is crying inside, and 46-year old me is having trouble consoling 12-year old me.

Help me, episode VIII, you're my only hope!

Fun fact: the "grasslands" default texture is actually stereoscopic. 

Macro semi-novice here... I am trying to build some macros for handling equipment per character/token, but when I try and save the macro for creating the basic equipment list plus relevant properties, I get a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Value too long.

What is the max number of characters in a macro code window?

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Belatedly I realized that not everyone might like the degree of darkness I put in the map, so here are links to versions without the darkness layer for the Tranzar's Redoubt maps I posted earlier.
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