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Why am I a consultant
Have you ever wondered what do software consultants exactly do? I'll share my view of how I ended up as a software consultant, what I have gained and what do I do as a consultant. My brief background I started my career as a programmer in the early years of...

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DIY home automation second generation. Reading and viewing sensor data.

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DIY home automation v1
For years I've been interested in home automation. I've had remote controllable outlets from a few different manufacturers but I've never been quite satisfied with just the remote. What if I could control my outlets within my local network from any device, ...

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Three for the price of one
Few weeks ago in the middle of my summer vacation I had a sudden motivation spike when I was browsing my backlog/notepad (analog i.e. paper & pen) where I write down ideas or problems I'd like solve or try out at some point. Two items in the backlog caught ...

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Simple example on how to test your application in browser. #dalekjs #testing #end2end #javascript #browser #headless  

Verifying your web applications works
Recently I joined a project that was built on node.js and views were generated via jade templates. The node.js backend had a few very basic tests in the form of unit tests and frontend didn't have any tests. One of my tasks was to improve the test coverage....

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Flying in the clouds as a novice

Working on the cloud
Recently I've had the opportunity to work with cloud environments. Cloud environments bring benefits but also some new issues or challenges that have to be taken into account. Benefits One of the greatest benefits of cloud environments is the scalability i....

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Weapon of choice
Everybody has their favorite when it comes to cars, sports or jeans and the same goes for work tools. Some prefer OS X over Linux or Maven over Gradle and don't even get me started on browser wars. I've had my share of trying out different tools to choose t...

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Quick thoughts of working in a multilingual team
I've been working as a part of international team for about six months now. By international team I don't mean that the team is located in two or more locations but that the team consists of people of different nationalities and therefore different language...

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Sharing to help myself
It's been a while since my last post but I have a good excuse. I've been in a new customer project (well new for me) for two months now and have absorbed a lot of new information on the technology stack and the project itself. This time I'll be sharing a sh...

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Going out of comfort zone.

a walk in the dark side
Previously I got my first version of simple todo rest service working with scala and play framework and had some ideas what to do next. Since then I've implemented a second version of the rest service, this time backed by MongoDB . I also managed to create ...
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