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He Will Give You the Kingdom
10 days ago it was Sunday morning at GYC in Louisville, Kentucky. (Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot longer than that?) At 4 o'clock that Sunday morning I rolled out of bed and started to prep for an event I had been looking forward to for six month...

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Thoughts on GYC 2016 Called, Chosen, Faithful
Have you heard the voice of Jesus calling to your heart today?  Answer Him and join the battle; march with Him into the fray.  Do you know that God has chosen, chosen you, His name to bear?  Let your light shine for His glory; give your life His love to sha...

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Lessons From the Horse's Back
My apologies to those of you who don't understand horses...some of this may be confusing to you, but I hope you can still catch the lesson I learned the other day while working with a friend's horse.  ...........................................................

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What Wondrous Love is This!
I came across this quotation yesterday, and was completely amazed. In one sentence, my entire picture of Christ was broadened and ennobled. What wondrous, unfathomable love - that He could love the repentant sinner more than one unfallen! In March of 1889, ...

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Thoughts on the Last Supper...
The sun was setting
on His life, The end was coming
fast. He felt the shadow of
the cross; This supper was his
last. With loving hands He
acted out, An illustration
clear: How God had served
and given all To draw the sinner
near. As Peter, John, and
Judas f...

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GCHEM Devotional 3
My breath seemed to add more clouds to the foggy
darkness as I went on my early-morning run. Coming out of the dorm, it had not
seemed too dark, and I had left my flashlight behind, but as I emerged from the
circles of light that glowed around lampposts and...

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God of Love
God above, full of love, Sent His Son to save us. Matchless grace took our place; ransom for the human race. Prince of peace, King of kings; He made earth and heaven. Still He came as a child; lowly, meek, and undefiled. Humble life, carpenter, He knows all...

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GCHEM Devotional 2
A lot of the ideas in this devotional came from my ENGL 101 class...I hope it makes sense even to those who were not in the class. :) Blessings!           Since
childhood, I’ve loved playing with magnets. When I was six, my mom bought me a
magnet set, and s...

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GCHEM Devotional 1
One of the classes that I am taking at Weimar College this semester is general chemistry. As a part of this class I get to write three devotionals with object lessons that are drawn from chemistry. I've decided I should share them on here, especially since ...
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