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Využijte dataLayer a Google Tag Manager pro content grouping v Google Analytics.

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Vyzkoušel jsem si moderní kočování. Co je na tom super a na co pozor?

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Od půlky května má Heureka nový ceník. A podle mých dat nemá skoro žádný dopad.

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Jedno z nejhezčích míst, které jsem na Sardínii navštívil..

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How to take array of TransactionProduct from data layer and use it in a custom script?

The custom script should look like this:
<script type="text/javascript">
    _hrq.push(['addProduct', 'PRODUCT_NAME', 'PRICE', 'QUANTITY']);
    _hrq.push(['addProduct', 'PRODUCT_NAME', 'PRICE', 'QUANTITY']);       ..............

The number of _hrq.pushes depends on the number of different products in the order..

Anyone who can help me please?

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To se Hootsuite povedlo.. #GameofSocial

Hi, is it possible to use input value as a macro? I wanted to use {{element text}}, but it catches "undefined"..

I need to take the input text, here "Add to cart"

<input type="submit" id="edit-submit" name="op" value="Add to cart" class="form-submit">

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Big Day, UA out of beta ;)

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I want to match conversions payed over paypal to the sources visitors came from. Now they count as / referral.

Is excluding paypal in GA admin the correct way, how to do it?
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