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Derek “The Geekpreacher” White
A fusion of geekiness and spirituality
A fusion of geekiness and spirituality

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Rev. Derek White, a.k.a. +The Geekpreacher, joins Grant and Peter once again! Derek joined us previously on Episode 38, “Christians on the Convention Scene”, and he’s back with us to discuss another weighty topic: Walter Wink’s “myth of redemptive violence” and René Girard’s concept of the “scapegoat” and collective violence. We also take a moment to remind everyone about our ongoing fundraiser for +The Bodhana Group Inc, and hear about Derek’s growing role as a convention pastor. Lastly, David LaMotte was kind enough to give us permission to use his song “Peter” in this episode; it was particularly appropriate, especially since David’s a Walter Wink fan too. If you enjoyed it, find more music at his website, and on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

Check the show notes for links to everything mentioned in this episode!

Scripture: Hosea 6:6, Jonah 3:10-4:2, Luke 22:47-52
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So, who has used the store? And where can I find info on what each thing does?

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Sharing some thoughts from last year with #Halloween around the corner.
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Time to share a little something from last year.
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Don't know how much longer I can keep this up. No real green support in my area and the Smurfs keep recruiting at a college down the road.

I actually have a life so I can't keep up with the college kids who have tons of portals on their campus and what appears to be unlimited free time to field.

Definitely running out of supplies trying to keep those fields down and they keep throwing them over the same areas. It's enough to make me want to lay down the game.

Seems I made some fellow ENL players upset in a neighboring town because, out of a sense of pique, I went in and blew up part of a farm they had made a truce with local smurfs.

Anyone else know of farms where the ENL and RES have a truce to split it?

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I hope you enjoy the message from the 2015 worship service at Gen Con.
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I've been looking for more Enlightened in my area but only see people passing through....can't seem to coordinate with anyone.

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I just discovered this game and this type of community is amazing and wonderful.
On Friday we said goodbye to a good friend and great Agent, Aaron Kearney,@Beornhaeth.

There was standing room only at the service and we heard tales and memories of this wonderful, intelligent, compassionate man. There were many players from both factions in attendance and the family were gracious in allowing me to explain what he meant to the Ingress community and how he had affected so many people's lives with his planning, humour, dedication and attitude. 

Before the ceremony we visited the portal closest to Aaron's work, captured it and built it up to what I hope could be considered a "Missing Agent" formation - two link amps & two shields in symmetry and the north resonator slot left empty.

As a sign of condolence, friendship and respect the local Enlightened built the Cemetery Portal to level 8, flipped it and then struck the mods from it. This allowed the resistance to fill the slots with Link Amps to signify Aaron's great love of fieldery and the game in general. The generosity of spirit of the York Enlightened and their sharing of our loss is one of the many things I will remember of this poignant day. 

In Ireland, the portal commemorating Aaron's great-grandfather, Peadar Kearney, was maintained as blue for the lead-up to the funeral - Aaron's father spoke with me after the service and I told him of this - he was very moved and grateful to everyone that helped.

We passed on all the messages of condolence and support from the Ingress Community and his family have asked that we let them know of any event or operation we organise to celebrate his involvement and contribution to the game.

Goodbye Aaron,@Beornhaeth you will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
For Aaron
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