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Becca Scott
Works at Aren't We Clever Productions
Attended University of Missouri–Kansas City
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Becca Scott

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Becca Scott

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This is fantastic. Well played. And fuck groundlings. 

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what is a picture?

Becca Scott

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zac eubank originally shared:
pic by me.
One Clown to save them all. Funny Days is set in an alternate reality where homo-Comicus (clowns)have been immigrating in vast number to the US from their corrupt homeland, Commedia. Bee is the sole s...
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and me too! you are a very talented lady

Becca Scott

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It. is. coming!

Becca Scott

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Becca Scott

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Becca Scott

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Becca Scott

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Becca Scott

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Thank you +Becca Scott for sharing. 
Charm…it's sort of a bloom on a woman. 
Greetings from Brazil.

Becca Scott

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Check out the new teaser for the Funny Days series!

After the 1996 Saturate Riots in Downtown Los Angeles* congress quickly moved the E.N.D.A. bill (H.R. 1858) through the Senate and into law. An act "that prohibits discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation, race, or cultural identity" Many native Zanni clowns rejoiced at the passing of the bill unaware that proposition 310 had been attached to the act. The proposition states "any employment of clowns, native or otherwise, with a net salary of over 50k must relinquish their colors and voice as a sign of allegiance to the United States of America." Those that chose to continue into the corporate world are often ridiculed by their peers and referred to as "Mimes"

*Sparked by the "Great Lay-Off" of Garrison Petroleum where over 3000 clowns lost their jobs. Documents were revealed to the media showing pressure put on the company from stock holders to "help cleanse the country from this joke".

Funny Days Teaser #2
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hi i am ujawala who are you
I am an LA-based actor, writer, comedian, AD and production manager and co-owner of Aren't We Clever (

I work hard. Like reeeally hard. And I enjoy making lists.

Feel free to contact me about working together on any theatrical or short film projects. You can check out my resume here:

My most current project, Funny Days, is available here: or

A smile is, almost always, plastered to my face. Not out of fakeness, but out of a genuine love of my life, the people in it, and making the most of each day. 

I do most everything like no one is watching. 
I have the determination to go weeks without shaving my armpits.
I am organized to the point of obsession.
I listen to folky ambient music.
I love zombies.

Dietarily speaking I am a vegan. I am thoroughly convinced that 
1) it's the best option for your health. 
2) It's the best option for your planet. 
3) It's the best option for your ethical well-being. 
(And living in LA makes it oh-so-easy!) 

I'm pursuing a career in acting because I love to tell stories. It is one of the oldest of all human activities. It is my art. It is my passion. I consider myself so very lucky to have been born into a life privileged enough to give me the opportunity to live whatever life I choose. For me, this is it. 

I am a HOPELESS romantic. The luckiest part of my life is being able to work and create with the love of my life, Zac Eubank. Few are lucky enough to even find such a person, I'm only 24 and here's mine sitting right next to me. 

American Beauty
Death Proof
Harold and Maude
I <3 Huckabees
Life Aquatic
Miller's Crossing
Night of the Living Dead
No Country for Old Men
Pulp Fiction
Shawshank Redemption

30 Rock
Breaking Bad
Death Note
Mad Men
Parks & Recreation
Saved by the Bell

Belle and Sebastian
The Black Keys
Devendra Banhart
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Fleet Foxes
Florence and the Machine
Johnny Cash
Kate Nash
Kings of Leon
LCD Soundsystem
The Mamas & the Papas
The Mountain Goats
Neutral Milk Hotel
Ray LaMontague
Thao and Mirah
White Stripes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Walking Dead
Locke & Key 
Y, The Last Man
Bragging rights
I'm Becca Scott. I am the self proclaimed ruler of the known universe. I can stand on one foot for a really long time. I know how to tie my shoes. (But I'm way better at bunny ears than that squirrel around the tree nonsense). I have the most awesome cats in the world. I'm convinced they can speak perfect English but only when no humans are present. And... I'm Becca Scott.
  • University of Missouri–Kansas City
    B.A. - Theatre Performance
Actor, Improviser, AD, PM
  • Aren't We Clever Productions
    Producer, 2012 - present
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One Clown to save them all. Funny Days is set in an alternate reality where homo-Comicus (clowns)have been immigrating in vast number to the

Your snout tastes delicious.

Two foxes playing together in a field.

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