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Although I'm not an author, this piece struck a chord with me, in regards to role playing games.

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Sunrise from Seattle

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Huzzah! Excited to see this!

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#pmjtour post modern jukebox at the paramount in Seattle!

From my copy of Diaspora cluster creation, steps 6 and 8 (7 is the linking thing we've already done.)

> 6. Players give each of their systems two Aspects that reflect their unique identities, extrapolated from the attributes. This is best done in consideration and discussion with others at the table—the final result is under the control of the table authority (player ownership is not strict, and the guy across the table might have the perfect wording for your idea about what is driving your system). Give it two Aspects that describe things that are not represented by the numbers or that are implied by the numbers. These things might relate to politics (“Balkanized,” “A benevolent monarch,” “Turmoil!”), philosophy (“Hopelessness is a way of life,” “Every man for himself,” “The Law above all”), geography (“One vast desert,” “Basalt plains,” Underground cities”), hydrography (“Waterworld,” “Poisonous lakes”), local astrography (“Neutron star,” “Deep in the dark nebula,” “Life in an asteroid belt”) or history (“Once was great,” “Won the battle but not the war,” “Remembering the yoke”). Or something else…

> 8. Players should now examine their systems and their place in the cluster and add a final Aspect to each system to reflect their place in this implied web of trade and politics Discuss the ramifications of these worlds and their placement—who is the hub? Who controls technology? Can the resource-heavy worlds defend them? Do they need to?

Highlighting is mine.

I count 5 aspects for systems. Is this what we are aiming for?

Edited to fix markup for highlighting.

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Sometimes I have trouble visualizing the linear cluster connection graphs as presented in the book, so I like to shake out the graph so that there aren't any crossed lines, and I can more easily see groupings and whatnot... I took a few moments this morning to do that for the Hades Cluster, and thought I'd share.


T0 - Exploring the system
E0 - One garden world (and perhaps additional
barren worlds)
R2 - One significant export

The Carjalonians only recently pulled themselves out of the dark ages. 300 years ago the population of 500,000 was mostly tribal groups hunting and foraging in the jungle, occasionally trading at one small city. Something happened during this time to spark ta renaissance, and now they have spread across the 11 small continents on their garden world, and are starting to spread off world as well. Culturally, they are driven by a deep need to innovate and expand.

Vibrant Innovative Monoculture

Carjalonis was proudly celebrating the one year anniversary of the founding of their moon colony when the Ptyal slipstream ship first appeared, showing Carjalonis how far they were behind their cluster neighbor.

The Carjalonis system has an unusually dense asteroid belt, rich with both heavy metals and complex organic compounds. Although the Carjalonians do not have the wherewithal to mine them, then have leased mining rights to Ptyal, allowing them to extract the resources in exchange for a large cut of the profits.

The Carjalonian government knows that it is only a matter of time before they become a satellite state of the more technologically advanced Ptyal, their culture subsumed into the worship of Vao. They are trying to secretly build system defenses that can keep their system free.

_Secretly Advancing System Defenses_

Edited to include specification of resources.

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Oh, to live the life of a dog.

Well, my dog, Mandy, at least.

Yes, she has it ruff.
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Beautiful sky this morning

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While travelling in Costa Rica, my nephew was injured in a fall and had to be airlifted to a hospital in San Jose.  

We are raising money to help pay for the airlift and hospital costs with a GoFundMe campaign, please, whatever help you can offer is greatly appreciated.
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