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California's Governor Brown just signed into law SB128, or the "death With Dignity" act.  It is modeled after Oregon's law, which allows terminally ill patients to be prescribed a drug that must be self administered, which will end the patient's life.  The California Medical Board dropped opposition to the act early in its ascent through the system. The primary opposition was from palliative "end of life" care physicians, and religious organizations such as the Catholic Church.
I'm interested in hearing on what grounds, if any, religious people oppose this law that allows terminally ill individuals to make a choice regarding the end of their own lives. I've attached a link to data and facts regarding Oregon's statistics since the inception of its law in 1997.  Conspiracy theorists and Sarah Palin death panel believers need not reply-  the data do not support any of those fear mongering tactics.  Thank you.

I am tired of pretending this all matters.

Our society of self-importance sickens me.
We live in a land of clicks, and “likes”, and the ramblings and rantings of the ignorant and moronic.  Intellect holds no currency. Credo quia adsurdum is the mantra of these end times.

We are all Kardashians.

Telling an imaginary world about your every move
Your every thought
Your every shit
Does not make it any more meaningful. Nor any less meaningless.

I no longer live in fear of the expectations foisted on to me by others who think they are somehow more valid than I.

I do not worry any longer about the societal conventions that restrict us all

 I have finally see the truth, and the truth is that we are all meaningless.
With no intrinsic value

There are no angels, there are no demons
Other than ourselves.  We are the angels and the demons.
We are our own gods.  We create our own religion.

As others before have cherry picked through their ancient texts to give their putrid, slowly rotting carcasses some importance
                  People now do through social media

                    We are all the feces of this culture

I hereby choose to withdraw my membership from your club. One day the universe will show you what is important. You will be forced to see with the eyes of a newly born cub. And you will be fearful, and filled with shock and horror.  But I will have known, all along.


                   I am free. I am not beholden. I am truly free.
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Manifesto of the Common Man

I am merely waiting to die, now.

I have fulfilled my purpose. I have placed the burden of a meaningless existence on three others, who have yet to reach the realization of the futility of the entire thing.

                      Their time will come.

We are not the chosen ones.

We are not the special, nor the elite.

We are the expendable. The fodder.       The breeders.   

We make the workers. We breed the ones who stuff their heads into the stench filled rectums of The Chosen Few.

We toil for our pennies as we make the dollars for others.

We bite our tongues until we taste the metal in our blood filled mouths.

                                     We kowtow to Them…..

We laugh at our employers mindless attempts at humor.

We pull over and beg for our freedom from those we pay to protect and serve us.

We live in fear.

We make dreams of travel, and adventure, and experiences. We live for these 7 days where we can almost believe we are alive. Then we return to our sad, pathetic realities for the remaining 358 days, over and over, until we expire.

             This is living? Is this living? No. But this is life.

I yearn for the End. I beg for it to all come crashing down. To try and survive in the chaos. To kill and die in the mad days of apocalypse. To feel what it all should have felt like, even if only for a brief moment.

I am a festering pimple on a gnat’s ass. Purposeless. Meaningless.

                                              Utterly forgotten.

I haven’t the heart to upend it all at the expense of others like myself, and haven’t the means to upend those that I would like to see suffer at my blade.

I want to see it all burn. I want to see them all suffer. I yearn to see terror in their pig eyes.  I want to see the playing feel leveled.

I want the serfs to capture the landowners and cut out their beating hearts.

But it will never happen. We are too far gone. The die is cast.

My lot is to be invisible. I know my place.
                   I know my place.

I do not exist. And, it doesn’t matter at all.

The End
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THE man.
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Time is coming...... new full length out June 9th 2015. We ALL have to support this woefully underappreciated artist! Go get em, RayLand!!!!
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RayLand is the man.  New album coming June 9th 2015 (or thereabouts..... )  Woop woop!
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The Man. The Myth. The.... the dude.
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Your "L O L Moment of the Day":  I just heard a republican say "The obstructionist tactics of the democrats are why Homeland Security can't get funding".  HOW DOES IT FEEL?????  Besides, if the republicunt's have the majority in the house AND the how does THAT work, again?  America:  Home of the fat and ignorant.
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