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Ashley Sorensen
It needs more glitter!
It needs more glitter!

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Things I am looking forward to...

~Fall weather officially kicking in
~Eggnog being back in stores so we can make eggnog french toast
~Fall clothing
~Fall colors
~Rich hardy meals 
~Tinkering around on my old blog and possibly updating it
~Making candles
~Trying to make new bath products

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His most beloved raspberry. It goes with him almost everywhere.

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Emma Stone kills it in her Lip Sync Battle against Jimmy Fallon.

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KBShimmer...I have so many wonderful, kind, loving things to say about the brand and maker. Honestly you can't go wrong with any of her polishes. But I adore Shipwreck, Showgirl, Elle, No Whine Left, The Dancing Green, Get Clover It, Lilac Dreams, Witch Way...

Really I could go on and on and on for colors. I will say that if you can find her retired Vegas Bomb, and like unusual colors, it's a must. 
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