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At last Uber gave my app request scope so that it should be able to order Uber rides...from Android Wear watch... feedback welcome

konečně! moje aplikace UWear dostala oprávnění objednávat Uber ride, takže ji můžete někdo otestovat a dát mi zpětnou vazbu? Díky!

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Noste vouchery všude sebou na zápěstí. @Slevomat nyní plně podporuje #AndroidWear.

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Ve Slevomatu potřebujem otestovat nový Android Wear modul, který umožní mít své vouchery vždy při sobě i na ruce :-) v případě zájmu se připojte k testovací komunitě:

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It’s your birthday, +Android, and we’re celebrating with this sugary sweet new wallpaper.
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At last:

"Thanks for submitting your app for Android TV. This is a notification that your application, Webcams, with package ID cz.ursimon.webkamery, is approved for distribution on the Play Store for Android TV."

let me give you one #android #androiddev hint while publishing apps for Android TV; as you know there's a approval process

and I've been struggling with part, which requires you to supply app banner for all localizations your app support; the problem is, that if you are using some libraries e.g. Google Play Services it adds numerous localizations to your app and as (probably) that approval process is automated, I've been refused few times, before finding out that you need to put this to you build.gradle to explicitly list what localizations you support, which will strip other and will enable you to comply with Android TV requirements:

defaultConfig {
// ...
// Define languages that your app supports.
resConfigs "en", "en-rAU", "en-rCA", "cs-rCZ", "de", "fr", "es", "ja", "ru", "sk", "tr"

then just make sure you have banners in all those language specific drawable-xhdpi folders and you are all set!
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