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Lee Ann Rubsam
Christian intercessor, teacher, author, and publisher
Christian intercessor, teacher, author, and publisher


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Who Is on the Lord's Side? #ChristianIssues #prophetic

Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said, “Who is on the LORD’S side? Let him come to me.” And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together to him. — Exodus 32:26 As Christians, we are called to be prophetic people — understanding and then…

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Hearing God Through Dreams -- Workshop #dreaminterpretation #WaupacaWI

  Is God Speaking to You in Your Dreams?   Throughout the Bible, God spoke to people in dreams. He still does today. The problem is, most of us don’t understand the symbolic language of dreams, so we’re missing the message.   Explore how YOU can hear from…

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I will be teaching a Christian dream interpretation workshop in Waupaca, WI on November 18, 2017. Pre-registration is required, as seating is limited. Register at

#Waupaca #WaupacaWisconsin #dreams #dreaminterpretation #Wisconsin

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Some time ago, I experimented with an exercise to help me grow in the interpretation of tongues. I felt the Lord was encouraging me to do it so that I would be more disciplined in listening to Him in general. As you may already know, when we are in a…

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Shadows and Light (Part 3) #prophetic #prophets

Recently, I was struck by Psalm 104:2, which speaks of the Lord in His majesty: “You cover Yourself with light, as with a garment….” As I meditated on that phrase, the Lord reminded me of other verses which say we, too, are to be clothed with light. Jesus…

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Shadows and Light (Part 2) #prophetic #prophecy #prophets

In our last post, I commented that it is very easy for prophetic intercessors and prophets to become darkened in our revelation. How can we keep that from happening? And, if we’ve already stepped into the shadows, how can we shift back into being…

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Shadows and Light #prophecy #propheticrevelation #prophets

Those of us who are prophetic often perceive beyond the surface appearance of our natural surroundings. We are sensitive to what is taking place in the spirit world as well — both in God’s kingdom and the kingdom of darkness. Because we are sometimes able…

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God's Model for Prophecy #prophecy #prophetic #HolySpirit

In our last post, I listed steps I use in meditating on Scripture. Today, I’m sharing something the Lord showed me as I meditated on a particular verse. Let’s start with the verse, John 16:13: … When He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you…

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How to Meditate on God's Word #Bible #prayer #Christianlife

Making a regular practice of meditating on God’s Word was not always a part of my devotional life.  For many years, I consistently read the Bible, and I learned a great deal that way. Sometimes, when I was intrigued by a particular verse, I did a little…

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Are You Among the Least? #Christian #Ministry #Prophetic

Do you ever feel like you are one of the least of Jesus’ disciples? Maybe your “least” means least of the intercessors, or the prophetic people, or the singers in the choir, or the teachers, or the soul-winners in your acquaintance. It doesn’t really…
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