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Carlos “Timo” Corredor
Enjoying good food & drink and staying healthy are compatible.
Enjoying good food & drink and staying healthy are compatible.

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Pesto: the real McCoy! 

Pounded by hand, just a couple of hours ago.

Sure, you could make if in a food processor. But why?

I put the garlic in the mortar with a big pinch of good salt;
I start pounding and mashing with the pestle;
I smell the aroma of that fresh garlic;
I start adding the basil leaves and keep pounding/mashing. By the time the fragrance of the basil hits my nose, I am intoxicated and hungry and going crazy.

I would miss all that if I were using the food processor.

I add some pinenuts (not always) and finish the pesto  by beating in a little good quality extra virgin olive oil. I do not have to wash and reassemble the machine, just wash and rinse the mortar and the pestle.

I usually mix pesto into just-boiled pasta with grated Parmesan or Pecorino or stir it into a vegetable soup as a flavor booster.

Try it; you'll like it!

Basil is now in season. This kind of stuff males one forget we re in the middle of a long drought.

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Most likely, you are aware of the “the-food-you-buy-should-be-processed-as-little-as possible” trend among health-conscious food consumers. For example, one can now buy oranges at the supermarket, cut them in half, squeeze the juice out of them on the spot and take the juice with you in a bottle. Clearly, this is better than buying some processed potion labeled “Simply Orange” or something like that. There are now many innovative retailers offering such just-made fresh food items. Admittedly, some of these new items could be improved by a little tweaking Here is an example of a product from an innovative Italian butcher offering you a chance to get freshly-made charcuterie – pâté, sausage, things like that. Go to the link and check this out!

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OK, time to review your geography:
Can she be THAT stupid? 

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+Raymond Camden 

Hi Ray:

We have had contact in the past; in case you don't remember me, I am one of your Twitter followers and a user of Galleon Forums and BlogCFC. I've always thought of you as my ColdFusion guru and am now asking for your help.

So far, I've had a very bad month, losing a lot of files/data: first, a hard disk crash, then a failure of the external hard drive I used for backing up. I ended up with a brand-new computer. One of the things I need most is the installer for the Developer Edition of CF 8.0.1. I have looked for it all over, but all I find are dead links and 404 Errors.

I thought you might have some ideas on how/where to get this installer. If you do, I beg you, please let me know.

Best regards,

Carlos Corredor

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When I first encountered this tweet, I thought Thank you – for what?

I read the article subject of this tweet:

Somewhere there, I read: there are many who will lament being denied the pleasure of licking the seed clean of the fruit. That alone is the reason I would want nothing to do with one of these mangoes. 

So, no, I do not want one, even for free; and I see nothing here to thank scientists for.

These mangoes are a hybrid fruit; they are genetically modified, not in a lab, as those things we usually think of as GMOs are. Hybrid fruits are the result of different fruit flowers swapping pollen, something that can easily happen naturally. Sometimes that result is good – e.g. the Meyer lemon, most of the time not so good: I have never met a tangelo that tasted as good as a tangerine, or a pluot as good as a plum (this, of course is very subjective, a matter of personal taste). Have you ever tasted a seedless grape as good as a regular one with seeds in it? The Thompson seedless grape is what started making me think that seedless and tasteless are synonyms.

There is nothing wrong with science, but plenty wrong with certain scientists. Most of the time, I wish scientists stayed far away from my food.

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I never go into Walmart; I won’t even dignify them by going in there to take a dump – and I wouldn’t put it past them to collect that dump and turn it into one their “green, organic, great value food” products, like this ice cream (watch the short video; I found this while browsing Facebook). You are hereby warned; enjoy your shopping experience.

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