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Charles Hermesmann

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The Autonomous Car Dilemma
Yayyyy! It's a blog post that's not a Passion Project update! For our ethics unit in Gifted and Talented I, we've been looking at a variety of ethical dilemmas and developing our own opinions on them. We've thought about everything fromĀ  mad philosophers an...

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Passion Project Update #2
I've missed a few of the passion project days, so right now my progress hasn't been too great. I'm doing some more research on different things associated with the fantasy genre, as well as some "real" fantasy things such as modern witchcraft and how these ...

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Passion Project Update #1
The past few weeks have been pretty productive as far as passion projects go. My project is on fantasy literature and consists of research, analysation, and creation. Lately I have been working on the "research" stage of the project. I first researched a fe...
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