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twoguineapigs Pet Photography
We Love Attitude! Visual story teller, documenter.
We Love Attitude! Visual story teller, documenter.


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Pet session gift card for Christmas!
Still in time if you order before noon tomorrow - Sydney location only.

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I started with Skip - this session is mainly for and about him. The second oldest of the gang, a Pomeranian cross, is also one very sweet soul. Less crazy (in a way I’ll tell you more about). But in order to tell Skip’s story, you’ll have to meet the rest of the gang.

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Saturday lunch with Jaffa the pug who always wears a bow tie!

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I believe in taking the design of my albums to as high an artistic level as possible. But I knew this album would be treasured as it holds the memories of Stella’s puppy days for a lifetime. I loved how this album turned out so much that, despite being tied up, I took advantage of some Summer late afternoon light to document it. I feel my work for Stella is complete and I’ve fulfilled my responsibility as a visual storyteller.

When I delivered Stella’s fine art album & wall art Stella’s Mum reported the puppy had grown a little since we shot together in August. Already time is passing and this album becomes more precious!

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