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[NEW POST]  Nancy Drew Blondies ➡ 
If you have my book, Hand Made Baking, you can never go wrong with any of the chocolate recipes, especially if you love chocolate. But for those that want something a little more mild, the Nancy Drew Blondies are a huge fave. They're perfect for a quick weeknight baking sessions after work-- just preheat the oven the moment you get home and make the batter really quickly after you've unwound a bit. All you need is a pan and some basic pantry ingredients! I've shared the recipe on the site because you NEED TO get in on this goodness! 

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That time I went on a super awkward first date... Thank God there was dessert. Really.

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Step into my kitchen! We're making a pavlova and I'm telling you about how I landed a book deal. 

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Chaos, Love, and Profiteroles
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