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On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Monday 3rd February So James Bond is back, and he has
a new hat; and seemingly a new face; new Bond even remarks on Sean Connery
being ‘the other fellow’ so we can only assume that Bond is in fact a timelord
but the regeneration effects were too expensive t...

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You Only Live Twice
Sunday 26th January Bond begins this film in Hong
Kong faking his own murder with the help of the British Navy. No sooner as body
is ceremoniously plopped into the sea a couple of sneaky individuals take it to
a nearby submarine where the body bag is opened...

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Friday 24th January 2014 We begin with James in France attending
a funeral; for a transvestite, that isn’t actually dead.  Either extremely judgemental of the man’s
lifestyle choice or annoyed by the fact that he’s still alive Bond proceeds to
kill him and ...

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Thursday 16th January Firstly it should be pointed out that Goldfinger’s
first victim, Jill did sort of have it coming; after all if the man which is
paying you is getting chased by the British secret service, don’t run away with
the agent tracking him, no ...
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