Session number 2

Session Name : Securing your data, start by understanding the threats.

Category : General Session

Track : Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Topic : Security: Access / Encryption / Auditing / Compliance
NOTE : This was originally submitted under a BI Information Security Principles topic, but was re-classified by PASS.

Level : 100

Have you travelled somewhere by plane, train or bus recently? How many people do you see working on a device of some form? Ever had a cheeky look at what they are doing? What would you do if you saw your personal data on their screen….

In the brave new world of self-serve BI and Big Data, data security is something that seems to be forgotten. Given the way in which we consume data on all manner of devices this really needs to change.

There are a number of very simple tasks that you can perform that will help solve many of these problems, without the need to do complex architectural or solution re-engineering. In this session we will discuss the issues and some of the things that we can do in an effort to secure our data.

So be you a BA, BI Developer or simply someone who consumes reports, come and see how simple it can be to secure your data.

No pre-requisites, this is a non-technical session aimed at raising information security awareness at all levels.

1. Raise awareness among attendees of how easy it is to gain access to privileged information in everyday life.

2. Educate attendees of simple ways that we can change the behaviour of users without re-engineering solutions.

3. Give attendees information that they can take back to their workplace, that allows them to make a case for making security a basic requirement for data systems.

Feedback Comments
1. Abstract - outline does not clearly describe contents of presentation, Goals not aligned in abstract detail
Topic - I don't think attendees will be interested
Subjective - subject matter and level match but the abstract seems to vague and not detailed enough. Would have liked to seen a case study or something more concrete. Interesting topic; am wondering more on what specifics might be covered.

2. Abstract: not detailed
Topic: not compelling, level very low. No tecnical session, it is not clear if SQL Server will be covered or not
Subjective topic: not interesting

3. Abstract is well written overall. Only grammar/wording issues are 'self-serve BI' should be 'self-service BI'. Level looks good for the goals, prereqs and target attendees. Looks like a good non-technical session. sounds very, very promising. Want to see it!

4. Abstract: I like the abstract, though it took a bit for me to realize this was a non technical session. Interesting spin on security.
Topic: Interesting non technical topic. I think this will draw some interest.
Subjective: Part of me wants to say this would make a good PD session, though it's not really that. I am conflicted on how much of a draw this type of session would be. The abstract and the goals are well written and clearly defined. It's a different spin on data security. I think it would be worth taking a chance on. We're always in need of good introductory content. Objective: I would like to attend this session!
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