Session Name : Monitoring SQL Server, where to begin!

Category : General Session

Track : Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Topic : Performance Monitoring / Tuning / Extended Events / Waits

Level : 200

You have a SQL Server, but what do you need to pay attention to, what do the metrics mean and how do you interpret them? We will look at the key areas around CPU, Memory and Storage, from performance counters to DMVs that you can use to check on the health of your server and gain insight into how it is performing.

By the end of this session you will be armed with the information you need to help monitor your SQL Servers and have an understanding of what these key metrics mean.

Aimed at the junior, mid-level, and accidental DBA or someone who is responsible for managing SQL Server.

1. Learn the key metrics that should be monitored in order to gain an understanding of how the SQL Server is performing.

2. Understand what these key metrics mean and how they relate to each other and other counters.

3. Be in a position to put basic monitoring in place using performance monitor to capture performance information for a SQL Server installation.

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