So, following on from what others have done, here is the feedback on my submissions to PASS Summit;

Session Name : Building & Configuring SQL Server : Getting it right first time.

Category : General Session

Track : Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment

Topic : Installing/Upgrading SQL Server

Level : 200

When planning your SQL Server deployments there are a lot of different options to choose from and configurations that you can use, but which ones are for you? Here I will discuss and highlight some of the key recommended practices that you should follow and put in place when you build your SQL Servers and ways that you can automate these in order to standardize your server deployments covering;

- Trace Flags, Configuration Options and Design Choices
- Maintenance and Monitoring essentials
- How to select the right High Availability or Disaster Recovery option
- Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting methods

Aimed at the junior, Mid-level and accidental DBA or someone who is responsible for managing SQL Server.

1. Learn what is important to look for and how to plan a generic SQL Server installation that is ‘good enough’ for most scenarios.

2. Understand why the system is configured as it is and gain a basic understanding of how to setup a server.

3. Be in a position to put basic monitoring in place using performance monitor to capture performance information for a SQL Server installation.

Feedback Comments
1. Abstract: This abstract need a little more detail and the outline need to be defined a little bit more clearly
Topic: This is a good topic
Subjective: I will not attend this session

2. The outline seems well developed. The topic may not be timely, new and relevant. It has been presented many times in various Summits and other conferences. It does not appear to focus on what is new in either SQL 2014 or SQL 2016. Depending on how deep the dive would be into each of the listed bullet points, the subject matter may be difficult to effectively present in the time allotted.

3. Minor grammar issue in the session name (missing 'the'). Level seems a good choice for the content.
Abstract: Length of the second sentence detracts from the content. Using several sentences would make it read easier.
Goal 1: The term 'good enough' sounds half-hearted or incomplete and may be unappealing to readers/attendees.

4. Abstract - Outline could be better developed
Topic - Title could be better
Subjective - Session Prerequisites seem to be mixed. not sure if mid-level and junior should be together in the level 200.
Too much material attempting to cover in a 200 session, unless it was mentioned it was going to be an overview of these topics.
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