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Margaret Menzies
Catalyst for successful software develoment.
Catalyst for successful software develoment.

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Spring Crown 2014 Decorations Prep - Jan 5, 2013
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FYI - I'll be speaking at an Agile seminar in Amsterdam on May 29th. My topic is a practical one; how to work in an Agile manner for software development when using remote teams.  Over the past few years I've found ways to successfully work in an Agile style even though all team members may not be in the same room. I'll share some real world experiences to illustrate some do's and don'ts.   I enjoy discussing this topic so I hope you can join me.  

Ciklum, one of Agiboo's development partners, is sponsoring the event.  More info is here:

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un article intéressant ....

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I like this left-brain, right brain graphic.

Just completed modifying my Dutch health insurance policy on-line. While it's really not all that notable, it's a big deal to me because:

1. I didn't have to call or speak to anyone on the phone. (Saving me trying to communicate in very basic Dutch, having someone tell me curtly - "Oh just speak English) or worse, not understanding me or not able to speak English and having to get someone who does.)
2. I could make changes and see what impact they'd have on care and cost before I committed to them.
3. I could navigate through everything slowly, using Google Translate when necessary to understand the info (everything was in Dutch).
4. I didn't have to fill out any paperwork and mail it in.

There was some work to do in getting an on-line ID and in understanding where to click to make changes (the UI is pretty basic), but the experience was positive one. Good job Now if only T-mobile let me do the same.

I know I'm a real ex-pat when I read "St. Petersburg" in a news story and think of Russia and not Florida.

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I've been trying out Pinterest since I read about it in the WSJ. It's got a clean & simple UI used to display lists. Here's one on Agile Mgt books I like. Let me know what you think.

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Amusing - definition of "Room facilitator" - person who puts biscuits in the room.

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A Kickstarter project that reminds me of some indie bands from the past-and I liked the guy on the left's hair in the video they made.
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