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A Status Update
A New Job As you all probably know, I was recently added to the FTB Modpack Development team. This is the position that was previously occupied by Jadedcat and Eyamaz, but is now occupied by me and tfox. Basically, that means I'll be working on all the offi...

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Also for my Computer Class

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Rather than talk about the art show the class just went to, which was... well, comprised of pictures, I've decided to talk a little about Pathfinder. It's a space-based pack, and for much more detailed information, you could head over to my interview with A...

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Test Post
Oh What a Circus Salve regina, mater misericodiae. Vita dulcedo et spes nostra, salve, salve regina Peron. Ad te clamamus, exules fili Eva. Ad te suspiramos gementes, ad flentes o clemens o pia. You let down your people, Evita. You were supposed to have bee...

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New Blog
Hello everyone! Gideonseymour here again! I've redone the blog to be more green to match my current avatar, and include less stuff about RealSketch. For reasons, I'm going to be including less personal things, and more stuff about pack development. See you ...
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