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Vincent R.
"Die Leute in dieser Stadt haben einen echt kontraintuitiven Fahrstil." & "Wer etwas für einen anderen tut, darf sich nichts darauf einbilden oder selbstgefällig werden. Nicht um Belohnung soll es ihm gehen, nur eins: das Glück des anderen sei seine ganze Leidenschaft."
"Die Leute in dieser Stadt haben einen echt kontraintuitiven Fahrstil." & "Wer etwas für einen anderen tut, darf sich nichts darauf einbilden oder selbstgefällig werden. Nicht um Belohnung soll es ihm gehen, nur eins: das Glück des anderen sei seine ganze Leidenschaft."

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Google Chrome Tastatur spinnt bzw. Eingaben sind falsch oder werden verschluckt
Wer dieses Problem kennt, der ist kurz vor der Einweisung in die geschlossene Anstalt.
Dank eines Videos habe ich nun eine Lösung gefunden. Was die Ursache dafür ist, kann ich nicht sagen. Ich muss bei den vielen Tasten wohl scheinbar eine Tastenkombination erwischen.
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Get your RESpack!

You can get it on 3 different ways.

1. Win the global "Smurt The Earth" contest (

2. Join the RESpack contest on Insta by following these steps: 1) Make a cool photo, 2) tag me and 3) tell me why you should win a RESpack. My Insta profile:

3. Order it via the shop on
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Support the Resistance at Cassandra Prime

Agents it's time to move! Nothing fits better to Anomalies since you guys have to organize your journey to support the Resistance at those upcoming 12 Anomalies of the Cassandra Prime series in July & August. There are more anomalies after that but to get the Cassandra Prime badge you need to visit one of those.

Resistance-Registration for all sites is open and just a few clicks away. Many local Anomaly-Orga-Teams are offering assistance for your travel and accommodation. Don't hesitate, the Resistance needs you to win this series!

Here are the dates and links to local Resistance-Websites of Cassandra Prime:

July, 28th:
Sapporo, Japan (Primary) -
Male, Maldives -
Warsaw, Poland (Primary) -
Marseille, France -
San Diego, USA (Primary) -
Boston, USA -

August, 25th:
Singapore (Primary) -
Incheon, South-Korea -
Linz, Austria (Primay) -
Riga, Latvia -
Philadelphia, USA (Primary) -
Vancouver, Canada -

There are also many Resistance-Websites for the series after Cassandra Prime. Take advantage of early bird specials for your travel and book your journey now. Information on all events can be found here:
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Deutschland verliert jährlich rund 17 Milliarden Euro an Steuereinnahmen, weil Großkonzerne ihre Gewinne verstecken. Die Bundesregierung kann das verhindern und im EU-Finanzministerrat für das öffentliche Country-by-Country-Reporting stimmen. Großkonzerne müssten dann ihre Gewinne aufdecken – damit sie dort Steuern zahlen, wo sie ihr Geld verdienen.
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CSS Profi gesucht
Kenne ich jemanden, der jemanden kennt, der begnadeter CSS Designer ist? Ich suche für eine selbstentwickelte e-Commerce Plattform jemanden, der ein vollständiges CSS Design erstellen kann. Schwerpunkt: E-Commerce und Responsive.

Gerne teilen, wenn ihr jemanden kennt. Gegen Bezahlung selbstverständlich. Auf Freelancer Basis. Gerne per Hangout, Telegram oder E-Mail ( Ideal mit Referenzen.
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Kenne ich jemanden, der einen IT Admin Fachrichtung Windows sucht?

Fachrichtung Techniker. Erfahrung in Projektplanung. Also von Planung über Preisaufstellung bis Umsetzung, 1. -3. Lvl Support.
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And one more from 2014.

#EurekaOP  – Final Sitrep for Operation Eureka

1.6 billion mind units
Three Continents
59 countries covered, and links through 23 
First mega fields over Africa
86.200.678 km² of fields (16.9% of the world’s surface)
Beaches, hyenas, camels, a 30 hour train ride, and ice cream for everyone!
During the glorious final weekend of Interitus, Ingress resistance agents from around the world engaged in another dramatic mission. This adventure involved fielding all of Europe, Africa and the Atlantic sea to Canada. Agents from three continents coordinated their efforts on an extraordinary scale, for fields totaling 1612 million mind units (1.6 billion) on the 21-22nd of June

Buy patches for the operation here here it is on Obsessed!


I interviewed the agents involved in the project, which was led by +Matthias ℬ․  and +Vincent R.  from Germany. I also spoke to agents at the Madeira, Israeli, African, Russian and Canadian portals to get their stories.

Vincent, this operation came very soon after your huge Ode to Joy #O2J_ project with Flurin, which involved over 1300 players creating fields from hardcore portals over most of Europe. How did __#EUREKAOP__ come about so quickly after that?

If you think #O2J   took a lot of time to plan, you are wrong. O2J was quick and crazy because all the agents involved were so motivated. The goal for that op was to involve the highest amount of agents possible. Matthias and I wanted to work on an operation with huge MU, since the times we worked together on #Unight8   .The great team we formed for that operation helped us to link around the world, but we wanted more. I'm crazy in planning these kind of big operations. I had the very rare linkamps but I didn’t have a plan for them. Matthias’s lit the ignition for action with this cool idea :)

Matthias – You oversaw the link plan and worked intel. Tell us about the link plan? What was your reaction when green marble happened a week before the op? Were there challenges timing this with the end of _#Interitus_ ?

The idea for this project came to my mind at the very beginning of the year. It was the time to take advantage of our huge freshly built global resistance network which we established during operation #Unight8 two months earlier. The initial link plans were based on a number of good portals, but we were happy to introduce some crucial modifications in order to increase our chance of success and add stability. I have to thank Vincent in particular for convincing us to involve Canada and avoid using a Greenland anchor. You were right, buddy. ;)

When Enlightened operation #Greenmarble   happened just one week before our scheduled operation time, I was shocked by the a funny and wonderful coincidence. The two factions independently planned for a similar time. Where are the differences and similarities between these operations? Aside huge efforts for key transfers I asked myself how hard Greenmarble was to achieve, viewing their links through densely populated corridors and their choice of remote anchors. By looking at the european part of GreenMarble, I discovered some features the Enlightened classified as effective and easy to achieve as possible, the same as we did. While Greenmarble seemed to aim for maximizing field covered area, our goal was to produce huge amounts of mind units which were (at a later stage of the planning) intended to be synced to the #Interitus anomaly finale measurements. Syncing to this could either help push up the resistance scores, or avoid more links in the clusters and freeze a hopefully advantageous state at the anomaly sites, depending on the timing.

Vincent – As well as planning, you also went to Madeira near Africa on the day of the operation with a team of European agents. Tell us about the island – Why did you choose it? How did you get people to go?

Matthias and I looked for a nice location which could be linked easily to the other anchors, but with a strong “bad ass” Portal as an anchor. Porto Santo is a little Island near Madeira which has only one Portal and it was in perfect range of all other anchors. The complete mission on the both islands was planned as a vacation trip with crazy and great people. I like to explore the world so i asked some agents with the same goal and interests outside of Ingress. Hiking, sunbathing, exploring. It was very secret so I just said “I need agent to come to Madeira. Do you have time?” This was how I asked Gilles from France. He accepted!

The island is very beautiful. It’s full of curved streets, amazing views and tunnels through the mountains. There were spectacular flowers and a great landscape. Our house was at the top of some cliffs overlooking the ocean with a fantastic view and a little pool. It was a great holiday as well as an Ingress operation. We spent a lot of time touring the island and hacking uniques in stealth mode.

How did key swaps happen over such vast distances? What were the challenges?

After Unight8 we had so many global contacts, and many people are travelling around the world. If you have 6 months to plan something and a network like ours, it’s easy to find the right people. The key farmers for every portal did a great job. The portal in Namibia, for example, it is not an every day portal and it takes a big effort to farm it. In Canada a player destroyed the portals, and a trip to deploy new resonators would have taken more than 8 hours by car. So we decided to send new keys from Canada to Europe via agent mimtwin.

+Gilles WEBER  – You were part of _#TeamMadeira_ and agreed to go on this crazy adventure! Tell us about the day of the op - what was happening? We understand you made the Africa fields first and then were delayed. How did you take the decision to show your position and the vrla? Did this lead to extra blocks? How did people feel, how did you stay motivated? What happened with trying to make it back to the mainland? How did it feel seeing the huge range on the portal?_

Nine of us took the ferry from Madeira to Porto Santo, including agents from the Azores (Portugal), France, Germany, UK and Netherlands. We were supposed to get the fields done in time to return on the evening ferry. We arrived at the beach, frantically contacting all of our teams on our hangouts. We wanted to do the Africa, Europe and Canada fields at the same time. We would have used all the outgoing link on the portal in Porto Santo to do that. The thing is, Africa did not require the same amount of clearing that Europe did, and we found we had blockers in Finland with no one around to clear them because of Midsummer festival there. We had all other countries cleared (France, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway…), and only few blockers in Finland left. After 2h of delay, the time for ferry back to Madeira was fast approaching, we decided to do at least Africa. It was a very hard decision, because all of the Madeira team was in stealth mode (no action visible on intel) for days, and suddenly we showed up in the middle of the Atlantic. And with names like the agents in the team Madeira (we are all big fielders in our respective country, so frogs keep an eye on us), we knew it would be an immediate red/defcon 1/whatever-they-call alert and we would have blockers everywhere for the Europe fields. At that moment, it seemed like we would have to make an “ok we wanted to do more but we failed” confession. But many people worked hard to get African field, so it would have been disrespectful to them for us to do nothing. So we decided to make the Africa fields.
I don’t know how other people felt, but I can say that I was first very upset and disappointed we did not all the fields at the same time. Four of our agents knew they had to go home and get their flights back on the Sunday, and we had a tough decision to make. After you bought us some ice cream and we had a discussion, five of us volunteered to stay at night in the island. The agents going home encouraged us to stay, and wished us luck. We waved to them from the pier.

Saturday night was a very tense time. I was feeling we would not succeed the next day because of ENL defense since now our position was known. The Russian team was still in stealth mode so maybe that could help. The next morning, we got a spoofer attack, we ran to the portal and managed to save one resonator from one of the agents who went home, keeping enough range to do the field over Europe without double flipping with viruses, keeping the possibility of a surprise. Maybe ENL thought we had gone home with the others. I thought “Ok, we have had all the bad luck we could have now, we have to do it, because it will be even more wonderful to do it after ALL the difficulties we went through.” The intel team, reported almost no new blockers since yesterday! Amazing! Only this common green Ireland-Spain link had been made again. I tried to push things forward from the beach, the only things we had there were our phones, so I tried to motivate people to go clean, to sum up for everyone the ETA for each blocker, so people had the latest information on WHEN we were gonna link. When the field finally went up, we went all mad and were shouting on the beach “WE DID IT!”. It was even better that if we would have done it the day before, because we went through so many things, many emotions from bad to good, it was such a relief and a great success. When you stand right to the portal that covers the whole of Europe, you feel very strange … “In that field there is Paris… but also Berlin and Amsterdam! And Madrid! People from Greece are in the same field that covers the people in Bruxelles!”

Vincent we heard that there was a spoofer spotted near the portal, and you had to try to stop them only using comm?

Yes. It was very interesting that I tried to talk to a spoofer and they actually answered. I think many spoofers don’t know the real effort of big or even small operations. And he stopped! We have a screenshot of this chat and I see a little message for all people with a dream. The spoofer was from Romania. This is a country without as many capabilities as Germany or other big countries. The spoofer can’t imagine going outside of his land and seeing the world. We sent many messages to each other. I think he has a dream and I hope he’ll realise it in the future.

+Andrew Hill   You were the lead for Africa. How did you get involved. There have not been mega fields over Africa before, and this was the first Ingress sit rep to feature a Hyena. What was your experience?

Vincent approached me regarding an operation he had in mind - to cover Africa in fields. I am the contact on the BRRN network for South Africa and so he knew where/how to get hold of me. Needless to say, I was excited and jumped to the intel map to see what we could try and accomplish. We checked the link distances he had in mind and we found suitable portal candidates as anchor points. Portals that would last a few hours at least and were a little more remote than your usual portal location. This added to the longevity of the fields due to the laziness of the Enlightened ;) … - the closest of the three portals being three and a half hours away…. in another country.

The Etosha portal in Namibia is roughly 6 hours from the nearest Ingress agent on a good day. There is very little activity in Namibia itself, and this looked like a great anchor point, but for one problem… getting an agent to the portal to hack keys. I found an agent visiting Namibia from Portugal (Pedro Reis - agent pmr) and he was headed up to Etosha within a week or two from when I started chatting to him. I was ecstatic, all but for the issue that the portal that had been submitted dropped 400 meters from it's actual location, in the middle of the national park bushveld (read - lots of wild animals like lions roam freely here and getting out your car to cross 400 meters of savannah is a less than bright idea). I submitted a portal location change for the second time as it was now urgent and my previous request had had no response, and we sat waiting as the day got closer. Great news!! The evening before agent pmr left for Etosha, the portal moved into its proper location and would be hackable from the gate of the camp site.

After an hour of hacking with mods, and bad signal, agent pmr managed to get just enough keys to allow us to carry out the operation. The next step would be to get the keys distributed, which was amusing in itself. The keys for Etosha that needed to be in South Africa travelled from Namibia, to South Africa (airport but no sim card), to Portugal, then Germany and back to South Africa.
I organised to take day off work on the day before the Op, to do a 1050km drive to clean up blocking links the Enlightened had managed to put up as part of some small fields they had created. It allowed me a chance to drive 275km through the Kruger National Park, our biggest national park in South Africa and one of my favourite places to go to for vacation. On this journey (at a maximum of 50km/h that you are allowed to drive in the park due to the animals), I managed 5 separate sightings of hyenas, a black backed jackal, elephant, zebra, wildebeest and many other animals. One sighting of hyenas was on the road, right next to the car. They were walking in the opposite direction, and were close enough that had my wife left the window open and not frantically wound it up to leave a space just big enough for the camera (and for good reason), she would have been able to reach out and touch one of the hyenas. We also came across something very unusual in itself to see, which was a dead cheetah in a tree, draped over a branch in a way that indicated that a leopard had hung it there. Unfortunately, with the angle of the sun and the distance of the tree from the road, there was not an opportunity to get a nice photo of this. But regardless, it was an awesome scenic route to use to get to the various portals we  needed to clean up.

The only real challenge we faced was to get a link up between Swaziland and Botswana. Because of the vastness of Africa, and the lack of major cities and players over the continent, the other links had very little chance of being blocked. This specific link passes very close to busy areas of play, and during my drive, I missed a portal that left a blocking link in our way. Once I realized this, it was a decision to either turn back for a 2 hour drive, or to try and organize another player to drive 3 hours to help take it down. One phone call later, we had an agent Mikroft ready to jump in his car with some other agents to make a trip of it for the following day. The team work was great and everyone that took part went to great measures to make sure the fields went up. We had a hiccup in Gaberone with the centre field, but mistakes happen and the pressure at the moment of linking made for an agent linking from the wrong portal with only one key available to him due to the difficulty in obtaining enough Etosha keys. But a great time was had by everyone and the majority of the fields went up smoothly over Africa.

+Anton Khudozhnik  and +Irina Sokolova  in Russia – You were in quite a different landscape. What was the atmosphere like at the Russian portal? How did you cope when the op was delayed?

While other agents in their respective positions had the opportunity to pass the time on the beach, or in a bar over a pint of beer, we had a different experience. We had to cover quite a distance in a way that was anything but comfortable yet quite familiar to a Russian ingress player, savouring the charm of travelling through our vast country, namely, feet against your face in the railroad car aisle, one electric socket for charging all the devices in the whole car, and attendants who sold charity lottery tickets, as well as white slippers, purchase of which allows you otherwise prohibited smoking in the vestibule. Thirty hours train ride, four hours off road cab drive, two hours waiting for the ferry in an incessant rain, and there we were, in the village of Ust-Tzilma.

Local architecture is not exactly diverse, and the hotel looked exactly like any other building in the village except for the small sign on the front door. Having checked in we went shopping for food and stretched our legs after the long ride. Back in our room, we started monitoring blockers. Unfortunately, the situation in our sector was unfavourable and did not allow us to create the field at the same time as the African one went up, so it was decided to try and link the next day. Agents @Hyma and @vizor101 went to bed while @Toxyd and @kshul were monitored the situation in the EUREKA-OP hangout for the whole night in shifts.

Picture this: four people standing near the village shop in the pouring rain for several hours, staring intensely in their phones and discussing something. Yes, these are Ingress agents. The reaction of the local people was varied, from indifference and suspicious looks to an invitation home to an offer to try the local fish, and a saleswoman at the shop even recognized Toxyd from his previous visits here.
And finally, it was time for linking, the last blockers were cleared and we were ready to go. Because of the long wait nerves were stretched to the limit, then finally Europe was covered by a cozy blue blanket, and COMM messages of congratulations and thanks flew in. In 7 minutes, a spoofer flipped our portal, but an hour later we flipped it back and restored the links, just because we could. Mission completed! Our joy had no limits. We went for a walk, to wash our feet in the northern water and grab a few uniques, then returned to the hotel to celebrate.
The way back was nicer, we flew on 17-seater aircraft to Syktyvkar, collected some uniques and started out to our respective home cities.

+Tzafrir Rehan  you were in Israel. The Israeli team seemed very motivated, tell us about the experience there.

The road trip on the way to our portal was a great fun, it’s always a crazy experience when you put 5 super excited agents in a car I suppose, but this time it felt even crazier. When recruiting the agents to join the operation, they were only told it is a “super secret drive that will take all day” and they still happily joined, so a fun part of the trip was telling them what we are about to take part in, as we were picking people up one by one, and seeing their reactions.
Some trouble turned up as we reached the southern tip of the dead sea, as a green player from Jerusalem sent blocking links east to the northern tip of the dead sea. For us to turn back and take it down would have meant arriving at our target portal 2 hours late, so I called up one of our craziest players (agent @ravidor) who was visiting Jerusalem at the time, and found myself talking to his very young boy, who answered the phone whispering “Father is sleeping” at the lowest of his voice.
Turns out that part of the job means convincing a boy that it’s OK to wake his father up from his Saturday noon nap.
At the target portal we met up with the infamous Yaacobi family, who turned the op into a family weekend in Eilat, and spirits rose even higher, as did my stress levels when preparing the portal. Deploying Very Rare link amps turns out to be very stressful, as any slip of a button can jeopardize the entire operation, but it went very smoothly and the youngest of the Yaacobi clan now has most of Africa as her “Largest control field” statistic.

Back to Vincent - This was your first vrla field. How did it feel when the links finally went in?

That's difficult to describe. It was so amazing to see the links 24 hours after the African field. Everything is possible and it was amazing to see the cleaners fighting for the operation. After every operation the happiness of the agents is great to see. It is a nice spirit. This is what I love about Ingress.

I can’t remember all the numbers. Gilles made a field with 410 milion MU. This was one layer of 3 or 4 over the high density area. I was very nervous at the beach so i forgot all the details. Some links went wrong. In total it was a operation with over 1.6 billion MU. A spoofer attacked the portal in Russia but he used a Jarvis. After 1 hour we had the chance to flip back and rebuild the complete field, but a little link in North Africa blocked the big field for my stats. I stepped back from fielding Europe because I have had so many big fields before.

+vn Bedard-Tremblay  in Canada – You always seem to have a part in these mega operations! How are these relationships built and maintained? How has ingress changed your relationships?

Well, was actually my 2nd major op (without knowing for sure if I’d be a part of it), after #Ursamajor   and it seriously showed me what those people are doing and how.  I think that’s where I began mastering the ropes of big ops and got the kick out of it.  It was also a motivator to expand the network of contacts, in and outside of Ingress.  I’ve done it before, why not again?  Interacting with such a variety of people with different backgrounds is just amazing.  In fact, it didn’t change my relationships, it just revived the intensity I put into them.

The Canadian experience for this op wasn’t much to speak of – we merged it with a long-due action on a P8 in eastern Canada, a leftover from Unight8… a kill.  It was a weekend roadtrip in a bus, also meeting remote agents for the first time.  We enjoyed saline air, spring, views of Gaspe, local products, relaxing (UNLIKE OTHERS ON THE BEACH) and planting guardians while farming keys.
The other part of the experience was to experiment for the first time the planning of a key transfer, and how to use the network differently in order to achieve that.  

Final word from Vincent - surely you need a rest now?

The operation was my rest. Great weather, great BBQ, fielding big areas at the beach and cool agents by my side.

+Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +John Hanke +Ingress  #Eureka  Eurekaop Eurekasitrep OPEureka

Countries Involved

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Operation Ode to Joy 
Main Sitrep

Countries Involved: Spain, France, Czech Rep., Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Portugal and Azores, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, Scotland, Faroes

Bad Ass Portal Locations: Mountaintops, islands, national parks, restricted areas. Wherever you can imagine that has limited access. 

Agents Involved: Over 1000 at current count, list being produced. Edit. 1263 and more countries to add

Total MU: Over 220 Million


The agents from operation #spinnaker wanted a new challenge, and to go even bigger! The astounding operation #O2J identified and used hard to reach “Bad Ass Portals” to form a web of mega fields from mainland Europe and out to the Azores. The adventures that agents had getting to those portals can be found by searching with the #   #O2J . It was a landmark operation in terms of international collaboration and also in linking through cities and “impossibly dense” countries.  

I interviewed the organisers of this incredible operation, +Vincent Rammelt and +Flurin Noller 

This is the biggest fielding operation Europe has ever seen. Where did the idea for this operation come from? Who was the team that started the idea?

The challenge after Spinnaker was to make a little crazy field. We wanted to try a link through a city like Mönchengladbach. Then we had an idea to link through Hamburg. We made a completely blue city (L3+ portals). We helped on anomalies in Berlin, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. We needed a new crazy idea!

It started with an idea for a “small” field - Helgoland, Aachen, Berlin. Vincent and I were dreaming and I had some fun looking for hard to attack portals on islands. 
Then it got bigger and bigger and at some point we started the hangout with the question "Are you up for something crazy?" 

International collaboration is a big part of Ingress, but this operation takes it to the next level. How did you decide which countries to involve? How was the link plan devised?

I asked people I knew from Spinnaker, from the anomalies and from a weird hangout where I was invited to by accident. All of them continued to find good agents that helped planning and making #O2J a success.

As part of the mainlink headquarter on Unight8 it was my obsession to chat with Europe. I like it to talk every day with the other countries. We have become good friends, met at the anomalies in the other cities. And we like all the same game.

Why did you choose this name for the operation, and who came up with the logo?

I came up with crazy fielding theories and Vincent just had the perfect name for it.

The first idea was to make the operation on the European Day on the 9th May. But this was a friday so it would have been a hard job to find enough people. So we asked the european agents to find a better date.
The name is a reference to the European Anthem “Ode to Joy”. Ingress is a great joy. The logo is a composition of Europe, the song and the resistance. It was design by 

Have there been any interesting challenges liaising with other countries, with different languages and local situations?

Not to raise political issues I'll stay silent on that question (but yes). It was amazing though that so much cooperation and friendship occured between different countries with different cultures and languages. Astonishingly all the “problematic” links were established.

Every operation is a new challenge. I see no borders between other countries and people.

What was the toughest portal in the operation?

Since all of them were Bad Ass Portals (meaning hard to access at a certain time of the day) we had a lot of struggle to find people willing to be at that position and make the necessary links. The toughest Portal might be the swiss Portal, the “Sphinx”. It was not only the only Portal that had no crew at the site but also the one portal that went through the most struggle. The link to austria was almost impossible to create, the link to france was also quite challenging. And everything was only possible because one agent went up there on Saturday with the last train to Ada the portal. Every incoming link to Switzerland was established. These agents did a great job! 

Every portal was very tough. I’m a little bit sad about the portal in Hamburg. It was an act of nature, because it was only reachable by boat, but there was no chance to get in the port through the faulty watergate. Berlin was also tough. The agent had to buy a rubber boat with paddles and now he is a happy owner of this and have strong arms.

We understand some agents had to climb a mountain to get to a portal, tell us about that!

As I just mentioned, the link from Austria to switzerland was almost not possible to establish. We had blockers that were really Bad Ass. Two agents made a tour to one mountaintop but they had to climb down again due to bad weather conditions. 
So we decided to take the other sides of the links down. 10 days prior to the Op an Italian team tore down one of the links and a few days later the two agents took down the portal on Titschal. They covered it as a simple LTP-kill. And it worked.

The climb on top of the mountain was very crazy and dangerous. But the first peak had bad weather conditions and the agents canceled the climb at the last few metres. This was one of the craziest stories for me.

Some of the fields were blocked by the enlightened, and we've heard epic stories of their adventures in doing so. But of the ones that went up, is it true that some were removed by spoofers? Any other stories about how the fields were removed?

Yes. One Portal on a mountain was suddenly flipped, the agents on the summit were searching the area, they saw no one. And in Berlin a newly created blue L1 Account managed to create some blockers on the Island where you are not allowed to be at that time. One other Portal got attacked by a newly created green Account, but we could recharge that.
The take down of the Portal in Cologne however was at least partly legitimate. Two local frogs talked their way into the restricted area, where our agent was baffled to see them. Faro cies was also attacked by a spoofer.

The plan was to use only badass portals. #Spinnaker remained for 36 hours but #O2J should be online for a longer time. So it was no surprise of taken down by spoofers. I hope Niantic react. France reported “This morning at 11am 3 crazy ENL drove from Paris to break our anchor 2h before you could safely walk across (the tide was still up), one of them went swimming!”

Now it’s all over, how are you feeling?

Whisky… And now after the Whisky, I enjoyed it so much working with these great agents. Due to bad luck some of the fields were not established but a pretty good part of it was and so I’m happy!
I love being a Resistance agent.

I'm very proud of the European Resistance. You rock the game! You made a fantastic show.
And now: Turn off my Ingress and Hangouts and sleep for some day. Oh wait….10 new messages….. I’ll have a look.


The huge O2J team in all the countries in Europe
Link design and Ops @flurin @vincent @whoever else
Sitrep +Vicki Ellen 

+Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Matilde Tusberti +John Hanke +Ingress +Brian Rose 

#o2j #ingress #resistance #europe #sitrep   #ingressreport  
Ode to Joy
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More of the good old times :)
Summer Breeze Sitrep #SummerBreezeOP 
5.596.897.418 total mu
11 layers
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands - Svalbard, Norway - Failaka Island, Kuwait


After an exhausting Persepolis anomaly series ended with a very close battle between the factions, RES agents across the whole of Europe were delighted to find themselves suddenly covered with 11 layers of deep blue fields! Zooming out on intel they started to realise just how big these record breaking fields were! The biggest field was 508819660 mu and hangouts reported that this was likely to be the biggest legitimate single field ever made by either faction. In some ways, this was a field for every resistance agent in the continent.

#SummerbreezeOP was a field set so huge it broke records, amazed agents worldwide from both factions, and even led to claims that it “must have been spoofed”. For the agents swept up with this crazy plan, it was even more exciting. Some did not know what they were getting into! Find out more in the sitrep below.

Flurin could you tell us about the inspiration behind this operation?

When thinking with Vincent about new field plans, we wondered if we should do another #O2J. But I had the Idea of fielding the whole of Europe in one go. (Don’t worry, O2J2 is coming!)
I remembered an old plan from +Martin P.A.​​ which didn't work out as planned (#ODIE). I looked for anchors in the Middle East and in the Canaries. The first idea was quite a bit larger but way more difficult. We also tried to avoid political conflicts. The island in Kuwait was Vincent's idea. Though it turned out to be the most durable anchor it was also the anchor that cost me most of my nerves. Svalbard on the other hand was the most obvious choice. It's way up north and you can get awesome layers.
The key swaps were interesting, and there was a lot of luck involved. When I asked +Øyvind Repvik​​ in Norway how to get Svalbard keys he replied - “by someone taking a plane and getting there”. One week later he told me there was an agent @sysselmannen up there who didn't tell anyone about his trip. So we had that covered. I asked Afzal to farm keys from Failaka island and send them to +Ronny Kabus​​. Ronny flew to Europe and with the help of some other agents we managed to transfer all the keys and Link-amps during the Anomaly in Bratislava. Only the transfer from Abu Dhabi to Kuwait was left. This was stressful and was completed only two days before the operation, by an agent who flew there just to get the keys.
One of the biggest challenges for us were the hardcore blockers in Scotland which I noticed way too late, and the three set of hardcore blockers in the middle east which turned up during the Shardtrain action. But you will read more about them below.

Christoph - This is the second time you've flown to a sunny island to field the whole of Europe. This is becoming a habit.

Fielding Europe? Actually I was simply asked to go on holiday to Fuerteventura with some friends, just like last year. So I said yes. I wanted to directly fly to Fuerteventura. But then I was persuaded to go to Utrecht and meet even more of my friends. That was the most stressful part of the whole holiday. But thanks to the Resistance, I got offered a place to sleep and everything went very smoothly. The global Resistance is just awesome. 
Regarding the operation I really liked the idea of creating a field similar to one that was planned and executed by some friends of mine some time ago. Epic operation Odie. ( Unfortunately at that time the Enlightened in Svalbard took the field down faster than than the Niantic servers could calculate the mu, and so we could only create three links and no field. Greetings to Matspa and nospecs who were the first to attempt such a field. We learnt from that experience so that the operation could be executed as planned. 
So far the holidays were just superb. Nice people, excellent weather, good food. And a field. A five-hundred million mu field. Totally worth it. 

We understand that agents in Svalbard had quite a different experience. One of the craziest trips for this operation was by Norwegian resistance agent Vibeke. We heard you jumped off your airport cab for leaving this amazing area to fully deploy the last portal

Heidi (@Tazzobazzo) asked me if i wanted join a crazy Ingress adventure. I didn't really know much about what was going on, but I'm always up for something fun. Booked my trip and went more or less directly from Utrecht anomaly to Svalbard. Anne Linn (@frkengan) joined me for the trip to this remote island in the Arctic circle. We started to clean the area on Monday. It was clear at this point that the distances were longer than expected. So we rented a car on Tuesday and captured most of the portals, and at the same time managed to explore the amazing area around Longyearbyen. There were signs warning of polar bears and you needed a gun licence to go out of town. There was no sign of any ENL agents from Monday until Wednesday when the fields came up. Yay!

Time was very tight to complete the fields before our plane left - at 1900UTC - so it was a bit stressful. We had to leave Longyearbyen at 1750 at the latest. First field went up at 1737, so needless to say we were short on time! All the fields went up, and we had to jarvis 6 portals for repeat fielding. For the last portal Anne Linn had to run down to the hotel, get our backpacks and hold the taxi, while I was jarvising and deploying the portal. I wish we had had more time! So i didn't quite jump out of the taxi for this op, but Anne Linn had to hold it and explain to the driver - "We are saving the world, so please be patient!"

When we landed at Oslo Airport after the three hour flight, I turned on my phone immediately. The anchors were being attacked by ENL agent @4nthrax. 

The Kuwait anchor was on an island, did this add extra challenges? Did you realise what you were getting into Afzal? Did you expect to be creating one of the biggest fields in the world? Now you have over 508.000.000 with one field.

Yes the anchor on the island was a big challenge - it's the season for high winds plus it's the month of Ramadan. It took us a lot of effort just to get a ride to the island since all ferry services had stopped working. We had to hire a private boat. Just to reach the island was a big adventure, but with help of @Hammam and other team members we reached our destination. Before reaching the portal my intentions were to help the Resistance globally and achieve the required target, as well as help the local agents to get their Illuminator badges, but at the same time I was worried about the Russian blocker. Our fellow agents there made the impossible task possible. Once we made our first link I was still worried, but when the first fields came up everything went crazy - we were all jumping with joy - it was a moment that only comes once in a life-time. I would like to thank Flurin and other international Resistance for everything, and Ronny who helped us to get the keys. There are many more agents to thank - I will never forget the support they gave us during the operation. Having made the largest field in the history of ingress I'm proud to say Viva La Resistance. They are great people to have as friends

What about making the links on the day? Was this stressful? Where was the most difficult link clearance, Flurin?

The most difficult area should have been Israel, since our link went straight through Jerusalem. But +drorit zilberberg​​ organised it perfectly and it turned out to be quite stress-free. The last minute blockers in Russia were crazy. The agent who threw the links made them a few seconds before his phone battery died. Then he had to find a charger and we had to find a Jarvis passcode for him. But when we linked to Kuwait and Svalbard and moments later Kuwait agents linked to Svalbard and the first field went up, it was just plain crazy.

Did you expect the field to stand? Any issues with spoofers?

Vincent: After the #EurekaOP I expected spoofers at all anchors. Some weeks ago a known spoofer built the same shape as this field but with different anchors. That spoofed field was taken down by another spoofer. When our field went online many people thought it was another spoof field and after a few minutes we got the first attack alerts. But Julia prepared a G+ post for the Ingress Community with a picture of us in front of the portal. Norway and Kuwait also did that. When we got the attack messages, we sent the URL to that spoofer and they stopped attacking. Many people can't imagine such a big field could be real. The field was taken down by a legit ENL player on Svalbard. This was fair and the way we wanted it.

But there was also another problem. If you build something like this you have to find cleaners for the corridor. We got 2 messages from other player saying that spoofers had cleared the lines. We asked for proof to get more information. The L3 RES agent that they found suspicious booked a hotel and was playing only if someone needed him. The second agent they mentioned was not involved in our operation. He spoofed around Turkey and from there to a hardcore anchor in Iraq in order to build a 5 million MU field, probably to get the Black Illuminator badge. Later he flipped the hardcore anchor.

Raymond (DiamondDuke). You travelled a long way as a cleaner for the blocking links through Scotland. Did you enjoy the trip? Your job was cleaning a remote island, something you've achieved several times for mega ops. Will you do it again?

Yes I did enjoy the trip. I took a ferry to the most southern target on an island called Barra - part of a string of islands forming the Outer Hebrides, arriving on Monday evening. I had enough of a data signal to hack the portal, so put in a few hacks, and now have a haul of keys to that portal. My trip through the islands didn't really start until the next morning, so I hacked all night and destroyed it the following morning, captured it, and linked to another portal a few hundred yards away. The plan being to replace the blocking green field with a skinny Resistance field to the east side of our planned Op link path. My journey north saw me take a number of busses, and another two ferry crossings. The final target was reached on the Tuesday evening at the area of the Callanish Standing Stones. These are a series of stones, forming an impressive early stone-age henge. I had been there a few months earlier on another Op, but got there in the dark, with a ground fog lingering, so didn't see much. But Tuesday was a fine evening before darkness had fallen, and I enjoyed the full experience. Killed the last blocking link going out to St Kilda, captured the portal and set up my narrow blue field going North South. Now the problem was to get back to Stornoway for the ferry home on Wednesday morning. Shanks' Pony ... A walk of about 15 miles. When I got there, a mass of green fields covered the town. What else could I do until the Ferry was ready for boarding? So .... I smashed a lot of the town - turned it blue - but was generous enough to leave a couple of green portals with minimal energy on a couple of resonators. Got on the ferry, and made my way home, arriving just as the field was put up on the Wednesday evening. Great Op. 

There was a complicated block link from Hurghada (Egypt) to Iraq. How was it cleared?

Flurin told me the blocker was impossible to clean because the nearest smurf was a 12h drive away. I checked the city and thought it can't be impossible. Many tourists go to this town to have a nice diving experience during their vacations. So I checked some portals and scrolled up the Ingress comm. I found a blue player naboo. He had deployed on a portal that day! After that I asked around and someone told me he is also from Hamburg. I found a G+ post in my local community. I opened a hangout with naboo and Flurin and explained the problem.

Yeah it was kinda funny op for me; and some action beside my diving trip :) Vinc contacted me while I was still on the ocean and told me that there was a link that needed to get down in the next days for a special op. I asked for the portal that should go down. The portal was around 20 km away from my hotel and I decided to go there by taxi on the same evening.

My driver thought we must be crazy doing some shit like this “just for a game”....  Well, yes, we are :D   Arrived at the target hotel, the security officers stopped my taxi - 150 Meters away from the portal… grrrrr. My driver talked to them for around 30 minutes with phone calls to the hotel to asking the officials to let me in, but unfortunately i wasn't allowed to enter the hotel area cause I'm not a guest of the hotel.

A little bit frustrated my driver took me back to my hotel… I talked to Vinc and Soliman that the link is still up and I could only try it again in a few days. 

On the next day i asked my travel agency how I can get there..  “Just go there by day and say you are a new guest; that should work” - they said...  Hell yes, it worked!! Quickly reserved the Taxi again for the next day….

The portal was taken down very quickly 2 days later in early morning hours - mission completed :) So if you wanna try to get into another hotel as a guest, just don’t try it in the dark and go there by day. Both rides were very funny (I had the same driver) and I was able to see the desert in the night. It was a great vacation trip - Thanks for the action guys!

Jonathan we heard you did a short and spontaneous trip in a cab to the harbour and went by boat to a closed island. Was this a planned part of your trip to Kuwait?

No nothing was planned that night for me. I was just playing at the Marina Beach when Afzal wrote to me in the comm. This was two days before the field. He asked me if I wanted to spend time with them the next day but we didn't have time to meet up. So I wrote to him on the day of the field and asked if they had time to show me around. He said he was already doing something and wanted to leave in 20 minutes, and said I'm welcome to join them. As I love Ingress, I took a taxi that minute for a 20 min ride to their location. I knew nothing about the field until I met them and we were getting on a boat. Everything about the trip was amazing. Even the fact that we almost couldn't get to the portal because it was in a closed resort, but they let us in. Kuwait and the guys there are great. I'm very lucky to have been here and proud of being a part of this amazing action.

This is our last question to Flurin. You are still on  Fuerteventura and are having a nice vacation. What was your best moment and can we expect another field?

The moment the two lines were connected by the Kuwait agents and the blue field over Europe was rising was just the best. So much stress was suddenly released and I was screaming for joy. The other tourists at the anchor were quite confused by me. 

Finally we also want to thank the Global and European Resistance which made these fields possible. The key transfers, the connections we built up during the last years or every single agents that took part and helped with a small piece in this huge puzzle. 

The messages we received at the anchor were amazing and astonishing. It’s great to see that so many people were enjoying this field. It was a great dessert after the win of the #Persepolis anomaly which was also an achievement of our players united all over the world.

How about another field? Probably. A lot of 1 MU fields were built here in Corralejo. And I'm fairly sure there will be Multi Million MU fields made with awesome agents from the resistance. A lot of players in Aachen still don't have the black Illuminator badge which is one thing I want to change.

Also special thanks to all agents (named and unnamed) that helped to the success of this operation.

Thank you for your time
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Question and answers were recorded 27th June 2015

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