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'The Old Treasury Building', Melbourne, Australia


I am trying to share my photos on my Google Drive with my wife so that they show up in the 'Photos' section of her Google+ account.

I have created folders for each month (e.g. '2015-02') in my Google Drive and would like to have each of these folders show up as an album in my wifes Google+ as they do in mine.

The folder setup is along the lines of:

Photographs/Family Photos/2014-12
Photographs/Family Photos/2015-01
Photographs/Family Photos/2015-02

Having shared the 'Photographs' folder with my wife and moving it from the 'Incoming' section to her 'My Drive' folder I was expecting Google+ to read the images and make the folders into albums in her Google+.  

I have checked the 'Show Drive photos and videos in your photo library' in my wifes Google+ setting.

I have also checked to ensure that she can see the images on her Google Drive, which she can.

Please can someone let me know how I can get these photos to show up in my wifes 'Photos' section of Google+?

Thank you in advance.



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A good article which I think would be lost on our current leadership.

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I wish that the Victorian government understood that spending the money on children's education pays big dividends for the future.
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