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Use and side effects of Oxat tablets
Oxat is an Indian brand
of SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) medication paroxetine. It is
prescribed for major depressive disorder, panic disorder, generalized anxiety
disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and other anxiety disorders. Oxat 20m...

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Uses and side effects of Calnif Retard tablets
Calnif retard is a prescription medication used to control hypertension,
and to treat heart diseases (Angina). Its generic name is Nifedipine. Calnif retard is
given orally. In addition, preparations that are put under the tongue is also
available (for rapi...

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Use and common side effects Diaglip tablets
Diaglip® is a popular brand name of the prescription only oral
antidiabetic agent Glipizide. This medication was developed by Cipla
pharmaceuticals, India. Glipizide belongs to the sulfonylurea drug family.  Diaglip® is
one of the more potent anti-diabetic ...

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Uses and side effects of Azee tablets and Dry powder Suspension
Azee is a semisynthetic antibiotic in macrolide family. Its generic name is Azithromycin. It is used for wide variety of infections such as respiratory tract infections, ear infections, skin infections, and genital infections.  Azee is generally a well tole...

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Side effects of Clopivas tablets
Clopivas is a medication prescribed by the doctors to treat and prevent ischemic heart diseases (In patients with heart attacks). It is a platelet aggregation inhibitor and it inhibits platelet action. It is a commonly prescribed well-tolerated drug. Its ge...

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Uses and side effects of Deprex
What is Deprex? Deprex is a brand of olanzapine manufactured
by Square Pharmaceuticals, India. It is a drug prescribed  for psychosis and
bipolar disorder. When administered as an injection, it quite useful
for treating acutely disturbed patients who are un...

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Uses and side effects of Tranax
Tranax is a prescription only drug in the benzodiazepine
family. It is a brand of Alprazolam manufactured by Cipla pharmaceuticals, India. It is commonly prescribed by doctors
to treat anxiety, phobias and panic disorders. In addition, some doctors

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Uses and side effects of Losacar
Losacar is a brand name manufactured in india of the generic medication Losartan potassium. Losacar is an antihypertensive medication in the Angiotensin receptor blocker family. This drug widens the arteries and reduces blood pressure. This drug does not ca...

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Best Allergy Medications
Allergies are a common problem seen in the primary care setting. In addition, sometimes allergies can become life threatening. However, they can be treated effectively with drugs.  How allergies are caused? People get allergic reactions when they are expose...

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Causes and symptoms of Serotonin Syndrome
Serotonin syndrome is a rare and potentially life threatening drug side effect. It is characterized by muscle stiffness, tremors, nausea, vomiting and fever. It occurs with drugs that interact with the serotonin system of the human body. How serotonin acts?...
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