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KLOE-2 Experiment
KLOngExperiment 2nd
KLOngExperiment 2nd


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New talk of KLOE-2 experiment at "Sixth Meeting on
+ Search for CPT and Lorentz Symmetry Violation in Neutral Kaons at KLOE/KLOE-2 (A. De Santis)

New talks of KLOE-2 experiment at MesonNet meeting:
+Experimental Dalitz plot analysis of eta->pi+pi-pi0 (L. Caldeira Balkeståhl)
+ gamma-gamma interactions at KLOE (I. Prado-Longhi)
+Studies of the neutral kaon regeneration with the KLOE detector (I. Balwierz-Pytko)
+ A novel neutral vertex reconstruction algorithm for regeneration events in the KsKl->pi+pi-pi0pi0 channel (A. Gajos)
+ Study of \phi \to \eta e^+e^- decay at KLOE (I. Sarra)

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New talks of KLOE-2 experiment at Symposium on applied nuclear physics and innovative technologies in Kracow:
- Development of CGEM technology for ultra-light tracking detectors (E. De Lucia)
- Precision measurements of hadronic contributions to muon anomaly with KLOE (C. Bloise)
- Quantum Mechanics and CPT tests with neutral kaons at the KLOE experiment ( I. Balwierz-Pytko)

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New talk of KLOE-2 experiment at INPC 2013:
Dalitz plot analysis for η → π+π-π0 at KLOE
(L. Caldeira Balkestahl)

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A new limit on the CP violating decay K_S -> 3pi^0 with the KLOE experiment.

New paper published on PLB
Physics Letters B 723 (2013), pp. 54-60

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KLOE Detector picture wins photographic competition

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Last Talks in PHOTON2013 conference:
- Measurement of hadronic cross sections at KLOE with ISR and limits on their impact to the muon anomaly and U-boson search
(A. Passeri)
- Measurements of the pi0-->gg decay width and the pi0 transition form factor at KLOE-2 and its impact on HLbL
(I. Prado Longhi)

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GEMs become cylindrical

The final assembly of the KLOE-2 Inner Tracker, the first Cylindrical GEM ever built, has been completed on March, 14th.
GEMs (Gas Electron Multiplier) were invented in 1997 by the Italian physicist Fabio Sauli, who at that time worked on gas-detector development at CERN.

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