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*Pedagogy to Practice: Visual Learning & Contextual Storytelling in the Classroom* #socialskills   #emotionalskills  I See I Learn books

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Amazingly enough, Tom Lehrer is not related to Jonah Lehrer... 
Tom Lehrer: Lobachevsky (concert live) (1960)

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"...As a platform, Scholastica is neutral: One could create a journal about almost anything. The Journal of Makerspaces, for example. Or The Journal of Urban Farmers, or Tech Incubators, or Pets, or perhaps The Journal of Humanitarian Tech. Transparent reputational currency can be used determine value, making it easier for readers to sniff out bogus, politically slanted or corporate-sponsored research..."

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It is not easy getting up to the fifth floor gallery at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. The distractions on floors one through four are many and wonderful. The sculpture filled and fountain-serenaded garden will also beckon. Be strong. Take the elevator if you have to. Start at the top.

The reward? A dizzyingly fabulous and ambitious new exhibit, The Century of the Child: Growing by Design 1900 - 2000. This is pure MoMA joy: meticulous curation, a design delight and yes, lots and lots of toys.

I spent a couple of hours wandering, utterly mesmerized, looking at hundreds of artifacts, photographs and videos, ranging from the…

• lyrical (an early animation of Aladdin’s Lamp)

• to the practical (school desks)

• the disturbing (a Nazi board game)

• to the amusing (Pee-wee’s Playhouse)

• the personal past (a Barbie Dreamhouse, oh boy!)

• to a glimpse of the future (Sugata Mitra’s Hole in the Wall kiosks)…

The show is a literal feast of information—so much so that I hope to have a chance to return before it closes on November 5.  (click through to the vizlearning tumblr for full article, with loads of links:

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Haven't been on G+ in a while...and gawd the gauntlet of form-loaded invite friends, et al is soooooo annoying. Once again, I'm impressed by the interface, especially compared to FB, yet left wondering who's here?

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Yippity! Music Theatre International is taking info for "Fast Track" notification on licensing productions of The Main Street Kids' Club: A MathStart Musical!  Really, how many math musicals have you ever heard of? +Nancy White  +Elisa Camahort Page 

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Just got back from Book Expo in NY... Boy did the bloggers at the BEA Bloggers conference dump on G+... The consensus? Nobody's here. An associate editor at HuffPo actually said was a waste of time. A couple of people came to G+ defense, but really, it seems to be something of a network mystery: "It's Google, but..."  H'mmmm. BEA's website doesn't even have a G+, though they're on Pinterest. Check it out:

•Help: In Google / YouTube / "Conflicting Accounts" Hell...•

Has anyone out there dealt with Google's "conficting accounts"? The directions for dealing with this make IRS directions seem like the epitome of clarity...

In a Catch-22, I can't move data from my personal ("conflicted") account to the business app account because I can't change the business app password because I need to "contact the administrator." I AM the administrator... But every time I put in the email address, it assumes it's the personal account and I can't change it....

So, I am stuck in a ridiculously long video upload (700+ minutes for a 3.72 gb .mov file ... another bit a aggravation) and completely short-curcuited with +Google. There is no one to talk to, just a bunch of rather useless forms.

If there were a viable alternative to YouTube, I'd be on it in a heartbeat. This is so not good...

After this current video loads, I may have to switch whole thing to a personal account.Once my temp addres expires, I doubt I'll ever be able to access the business apps account again. It's nuts.

Can anybody help? thanks...

+Brian Fitzpatrick +Elisa Camahort Page +Nancy White

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It is so much more satisfying to see a video embed on G+ than to share a link on FB... So here goes... My rookie effort at Final Cut Pro ... Stuart J. Murphy Reads "Emma's Friendwich" Stuart J. Murphy Reads "Emma's Friendwich" Now, if there were only a way to figure out how to hook into the right "circles" for this. Still baffled by G+... #pre-k socialskills #ece +Nancy White +Elisa Camahort Page
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