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I've earned the Sojourner medal in #Ingress.
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how the human face forms in the womb.  :) mysteries of #science  
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Wow. Post much on where I am at Google lol I gotta start posting more so my page isn't a net GPS blog of my locations lol 
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Helltofire is awesome! Just plain radical even... I say that because we played some games. Did you know our gamerscore is 67,060? That is a profit of 40 points over last time! He rocked out to XCOM: Enemy Unknown acquiring 3 achievements, and then Helltofire had to stop for a bathroom break or something... Humans really are bags of mostly water.
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Johnathon Gonzalez has been working hard to ensure the prosperity of their town for 2 levels now. Do you want to celebrate this? Oregon is waiting for you!
You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! Experience ...
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SAMSUNG best selling Phones emit much less RF radiation than most best selling phones, and Samsung Note models emit less RF than most Samsung phones, Note emits 0.2 watt/Kg, i.e. 6 times less RF radiation than I Phone 6 at 1.2 watt/kg.  Since a human being weighs 60-100 Kg, the Apple latest iPhone 6 can expose you to 500 times more RF radiation than Note from Samsung  The link explains which phones have lowest and highest RF radiation.  Shop smart and shop for lowest SAR phones if you want to avoid cancer and other issues high RF causes.  

The FCC gives links to each manufacturer where you can check the RF radiation watt/kg of each phone model ►

The LAWSUITS HAVE STARTED - at least 50 are going on ►  

 It’s a well known fact that the genius behind the iPhone, Steve Jobs himself, made it clear  he was ” Not Interested” in having an app in the Apple app store which alerted iPhone users of excessive exposure to potentially cancer causing cell phone radiation.  Present CEO ignores RF radiation too.  Maybe the law of karma has run its course and Steve died of cancer? - see the papers below on cancer and RF radiation.  Geniuses are geniuses in one field only unfortunately.  It's sad that Apple says "i phones help you be healthy".  Destroying neurons, as science papers below show, is not HEALTHY. Soon, people will wake up and pressure via lawsuits all manufacturers to make phones that emit far less RF than today.  

Telegraph article explains frequent cell phone (smartphone or the old type) use causes a five fold increase in brain cancer risk  ►

The cancer study the Telegraph refers to is at

Imagine what a cancer epidemic the "internet of things" could cause if every device was connected to the internet and produced wi-fi signals. :)  

Interesting is also this 3 min video with Los Angeles Unified School District teacher saying that Wi-fi made students and teachers sick   For more on wi-fi dangers see

Our "always on lifestyle" needs better healthier technologies that don't harm our health,  Li Fi could replace Wi-Fi.  May take 50 years before they come up with a Safe tech, we had these toxic AC electrical fields causing EMF pollution for a century.  Until that day, we can minimize the bad effects by using wired internet, less wi fi hot spots when tethering, more texting, less talking, more airplane mode. :)   

 Cell phones have caused brain cancer tumors the shape of the phone antenna at the exact location where phone was held against head by the person.  So, it's good to try to always use speaker mode or a wired headset (some have air) to minimize RF to the head. :)

Bluetooth is unhealthy too at current SAR levels  CNN gives some tips on how to minimize RF radiation exposure  

Bluetooth devices that fit in or around the ear typically radiate at 0.23 watts per kilogram (W/Kg).   This level of 0.23 W/Kg is 10 to 100 times higher than the RF exposure levels shown to make the blood-brain barrier pathologically leaky, allowing toxins and toxic molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier. This is reported by Salford, Persson, Schirmacher to cause neuron death at 0.012 to 0.002 W/Kg  

See also Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones. which makes it clear that RF radiation can damage NEURONS. The full paper is at ►

Many studies reported that one 2 hour exposure to cell phone radiation will result in pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier. The effect occurs immediately and is still seen at 14 days and at 50 days post-exposure at only 0.012 W/Kg to 0.002 W/Kg..  For details see this paper in Pathophysiology called Increased blood-brain barrier permeability in mammalian brain 7 days after exposure to the radiation from a GSM-900 mobile phone.

These studies show neuron death (brain cells) at SARs of only 0.012 W/Kg. Bluetooth devices are worn for hours at a time. A bluetooth device which radiates at a higher intensity than some cell phones that are still risky in terms of SAR, worn for more hours than a cell phone is typically used – would not be a healthy choice.

Radiation Can Dramatically Increase In A Car, so it's best to talk outside of the car ► The RF waves are reflected back at you from the metal of the car. Also, the cell phone has a hard time sending its signal out of the car because of the metal, and increases its transmitting strength to compensate as you travel making new connections to different  cell towers.

Go infertile?  Study Finds Significant Decrease in Sperm Activity After Cell Phone Exposure

Miscarriage?  Study finds being 100 meters from cell phone tower increases risk of miscarriage

Cancer tumors appear at RF levels well below FCC limits (remember some phones have SAR very close to FCC limit)

The more you use a cell phone, the lower grades you have

The closer you are to cell towers, the more health issues you have

Governments around the world are limiting or banning Wi Fi in schools  

France banned Wi Fi in daycares and limited wireless infrastructure

Teachers may be liable for exposing kids to Wi Fi radiation

The allowed radiation limits throughout the world are insane, to say the least. We are talking about values for RF radiation up to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10 to the 18th) times higher than nature’s background radiation, to which the human body has adapted through many 100,000s of years...

A lot of "smart" appliances today come with RF transmitters that pollute your house with RF 24-7.  You can disable those by figuring out how.  A cheap $12 RF meter can tell you which ones.

LIST OF 20 STUDIES PROVING CELL PHONES CAUSE CANCER when used too much, indicating current SAR levels are far too high:


1) An independent study commissioned by U.S. wireless carrier T-Mobile found that cell phone radiation directly initiates and promotes the formation of cancer

2) The renowned Interphone study also found that regular cell phone use at just 30 minutes per day over 10 years increases the risk of gliomas by 40 percent. It also found that tumors were more likely to form on the side of the head where a cell phone is most prominently held ►

3) A review of 23 epidemiological studies conducted by seven scientists concluded that cell phones cause a "harmful association" between cell phones and cancer. The only included studies that didn't suggest this were "lower quality" ones that researchers say "failed to meet scientific best practices" -- these studies were all funded by the mobile phone industry ►

4) Researchers from the Hardell Research Group, which is noted for conducting what many consider to be the highest-quality studies on the subject, found a "consistent pattern" of increased risks for both glioma and acoustic neuroma in conjunction with mobile phone use

5) A study out of France observed similar outcomes associated with prolonged exposure to electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones. Scientists noted higher rates of gliomas and temporal tumors from "occupational and urban mobile phone use." In response, the EMF watchdog group Powerwatch noted that this study supports the categorization of mobile phone radiation as a "probable human carcinogen."

6) A study of nearly 800,000 middle-aged UK women found that those who used cell phones for 10 years or more had a 250 percent increased risk of developing an acoustic neuroma. The longer the women used the phones, the higher their risk

7) Similarly, a study conducted by the group Lonn found that acoustic neuromas are increasingly more likely to develop the longer a person uses a mobile phone

8) In Sweden, researchers studying adult brain tumor cases found that individuals with the highest cumulative use of mobile phones also had the highest risk of developing brain cancer

9) The Hardell group conducted a study in 2009 which found that RF-EMFs from mobile and cordless phones are directly associated with malignant brain tumors. This study specifically states that wireless radiation initiates and promotes carcinogenesis ►

11 STUDIES Show Wireless Radiation from Cell Phones Can Cause pituitary, thyroid, stem cell, oral, parotid, lymph node, breast, blood, prostate and eye cancers:

1) The body's "master" gland, also known as the pituitary gland, is responsible for producing hormones and regulating other key bodily systems. But a study out of France found that cell phone use greatly increases the risk that the pituitary gland will become cancerous

2) The thyroid gland, which similarly produces hormones in addition to regulating body temperature, is also affected by mobile phone radiation. An Israeli study found that rates of cell phone use are directly proportional to the risk of developing thyroid gland cancer

3) Many health experts would contend that solar radiation poses the greatest threat to healthy skin. But a study out of Sweden found that melanoma risk is greatly accelerated by mobile phone use

4) A controversial Powerwatch study found that cell phone use nearly triples the risk of neuroepithelial tumors, which are a result of stem cell cancer

5) Another study out of Israel confirmed a direct association between cell phone use and cancers of the mouth. Based on 460 cases of parotid gland tumors, researchers observed a direct association between mobile phone radiation and cancers of the parotid, the salivary gland located right next to where users typically hold their phones

6) A separate study, also out of Israel, found that parotid gland cancers have increased in prevalence by 400 percent in the country between 1970 and 2006, which scientists link to increased mobile phone use ►

7) An extensive review of more than 12 separate studies looking at health outcomes from exposure to radiation from mobile phone, television and radio broadcast towers found that cancers in general, and specifically cancers of the brain and blood (leukemia), are greatly increased

8) Lymph nodes, a key component of the immune system, don't like cell phone radiation much, either. An Australian study found that typical exposure to cell phone radiation greatly increases lymphoma risk

9) Back in the U.S., a study looking at young women with breast cancer found that regular use of smartphones can trigger the formation of breast cancer. This is especially true when women carry their phones in their blouses or bras, where phones are pressed directly against the breasts

10) Researchers in Germany have also linked mobile phone radiation to uveal melanoma and other cancers of the eye

11) Practically every other type of cancer not covered by one of the aforementioned studies was identified in a large-scale Brazilian study, which linked mobile phone radiation to cancers of the prostate, breasts, lungs, kidneys and liver. Shockingly, more than 80 percent of identified deaths in Brazil's third largest city, Belo Horizonte, occurred less than 500 meters away from one of the city's 300 cell phone antennas

The next 34 studies show that Wi-Fi wrecks our health just as cell phones do (same RF radiation).  The papers listed are only those where exposures were 16V/m or below.  Someone using a Wi-Fi-enabled tablet computer can be exposed to electromagnetic fields up to 16V/m.

1. Atasoy H.I. et al., 2013. Immunohistopathologic demonstration of deleterious effects on growing rat testes of radiofrequency waves emitted from conventional Wi-Fi devices. Journal of Pediatric Urology 9(2): 223-229.

2. Avendaño C. et al., 2012. Use of laptop computers connected to internet through Wi-Fi decreases human sperm motility and increases sperm DNA fragmentation. Fertility and Sterility 97(1): 39-45.

3. Avendaño C. et al., 2010. Laptop expositions affect motility and induce DNA fragmentation in human spermatozoa in vitro by a non-thermal effect: a preliminary report. American Society for Reproductive Medicine 66th Annual Meeting: O-249

4. Aynali G. et al., 2013. Modulation of wireless (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative toxicity in laryngotracheal mucosa of rat by melatonin. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 270(5): 1695-1700.

5. Gumral N. et al., 2009. Effects of selenium and L-carnitine on oxidative stress in blood of rat induced by 2.45-GHz radiation from wireless devices. Biol Trace Elem Res. 132(1-3): 153-163.

6. Havas M. et al., 2010. Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from 2.4GHz cordless phone affects autonomic nervous system. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5: 273-300.  part 2.

7. Havas M. and Marrongelle J. 2013. Replication of heart rate variability provocation study with 2.45GHz cordless phone confirms original findings. Electromagn Biol Med 32(2): 253-266.

8. Maganioti A. E. et al., 2010. Wi-Fi electromagnetic fields exert gender related alterations on EEG. 6th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetic fields.

9. Margaritis L.H. et al., 2013. Drosophila oogenesis as a bio-marker responding to EMF sources.
Electromagn Biol Med., Epub ahead of print.

10. Naziroğlu M. and Gumral 2009. Modulator effects of L-carnitine and selenium on wireless devices (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative stress and electroencephalography records in brain of rat. Int J Radiat Biol. 85(8): 680-689.

11. Nazıroğlu M. et al., 2012. 2.45-Gz wireless devices induce oxidative stress and proliferation through cytosolic Ca2+ influx in human leukemia cancer cells. International Journal of Radiation Biology 88(6): 449–456.

12. Nazıroğlu M. et al., 2012b. Melatonin modulates wireless (2.45 GHz)-induced oxidative injury through TRPM2 and voltage gated Ca(2+) channels in brain and dorsal root ganglion in rat. Physiol Behav. 105(3): 683-92.

13. Oksay T. et al., 2012. Protective effects of melatonin against oxidative injury in rat testis induced by wireless (2.45 GHz) devices. Andrologia doi: 10.1111/and.12044, Epub ahead of print.

14. Papageorgiou C. C. et al., 2011. Effects of Wi-Fi signals on the p300 component of event-related potentials during an auditory hayling task. Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 10(2): 189-202. (Wi-Fi alters brain activity in young adults:

15. Shahin S. et al., 2013. 2.45 GHz Microwave Irradiation-Induced Oxidative Stress Affects Implantation or Pregnancy in Mice, Mus musculus. Appl Biochem Biotechnol 169: 1727–1751.

16. Türker Y. et al., 2011. Selenium and L-carnitine reduce oxidative stress in the heart of rat induced by 2.45-GHz radiation from wireless devices. Biol Trace Elem Res. 143(3): 1640-1650.

And here are a few more studies of similar microwave frequencies at low exposures (6V/m or below):

17. Balmori A. 2010. Mobile phone mast effects on common frog (Rana temporaria) tadpoles: the city turned into a laboratory. Electromagn. Biol. Med. 29(1-2):31-35.

18. Erdinc O. O. et al., 2003. Electromagnetic waves of 900MHz in acute pentylenetetrazole model in ontogenesis in mice. Neurol. Sci. 24:111-116

19. Fesenko E. E. et al., 1999. Stimulation of murine natural killer cells by weak electromagnetic waves in the centimeter range. Biofizika 44:737–741

20. Fesenko E. E. et al., 1999. Microwaves and cellular immunity. I. Effect of whole body microwave irradiation on tumor necrosis factor production in mouse cells, Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 49:29–35

21. Havas M. et al., 2010. Provocation study using heart rate variability shows microwave radiation from 2.4GHz cordless phone affects autonomic nervous system. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5: 273-300 part 2.

22. Kesari K. K. and Behari J., 2009. Microwave exposure affecting reproductive system in male rats. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 162(2):416-428

23. Kesari K. K. and Behari J., 2009. Fifty-gigahertz microwave exposure effect of radiations on rat brain. Appl. Biochem. Biotechnol. 158:126-139

24. Khurana V. G. et al., 2010. Epidemiological Evidence for a Health Risk from Mobile Phone Base Stations. Int. J. Occup. Environ. Health 16:263–267

25. Maier R. et al., 2004. Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on cognitive processes – a pilot study on pulsed field interference with cognitive regeneration. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica 110: 46-52

26. Nittby H. et al., 2008. Cognitive impairment in rats after long-term exposure to GSM-900 mobile phone radiation. Bioelectromagnetics 29: 219-232

27. Novoselova E. G. et al., 1998. Stimulation of production of tumor necrosis factor by murine macrophages when exposed in vivo and in vitro to weak electromagnetic waves in the centimeter range Bofizika 43:1132–1333.

28. Novoselova E. G. et al., 1999. Microwaves and cellular immunity. II. Immunostimulating effects of microwaves and naturally occurring antioxidant nutrients. Bioelectrochem. Bioenerg. 49:37–41

29. Otitoloju A. A. et al., 2010. Preliminary study on the induction of sperm head abnormalities in mice, Mus musculus, exposed to radiofrequency radiations from Global System for Mobile Communication Base Stations. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 84(1):51-4.

30. Panagopoulos D. al., 2010. Bioeffects of mobile telephony radiation in relation to its intensity or distance from the antenna. Int. J. Radiat. Biol. Vol 86(5):345-357.

31. Persson B. R. R. et al., 1997. Blood-brain barrier permeability in rats exposed to electromagnetic fields used in wireless communication. Wireless Networks 3: 455-461.

32. Pyrpasopoulou A. et al., 2004. Bone morphogenic protein expression in newborn kidneys after prenatal exposure to radiofrequency radiation. Bioelectromagnetics 25:216-27

33. Salford L. G. et al., 2010. Effects of microwave radiation upon the mammalian blood-brain barrier. European Journal of Oncology Library Vol. 5:333-355 part 2.

34. Salford L. G., et al., 2003. Nerve cell damage in mammalian brain after exposure to microwaves from GSM mobile phones. Environ. Health Perspect. 111:881-883.
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I created a collection with HTC Share and I want to share it with you. Click the link below to check it out.

Z Z Z. Downloading… Terms & conditions · Privacy statement; Report abuse. Copyright © 2013 HTC Corporation. All rights reserved. DOWNLOAD CLOSE. 00:00.
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When you want to get on the cover of the gaming magazines, you have to play every day! I keep telling Helltofire that as motivation... yesterday it worked! We went for a spin... played some games... ended with a score of 66,935. He opened up XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and then I basked in the warm glow of post gaming. Mmmm warm...
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Amazing. I have been looking for a great standard teriyaki place. And they also have more. From the all white meat chicken teriyaki and beef. To katsu chicken or yakisoba. The flavors are there and if u eat in. You get all u can eat miso soup. All the teriyaki dishes come with white rice and oh yes a salad which is not like most of the teriyaki in the area. The salad comes with a brownish sweet ranch which I think taste amazing. Great place and great prices. Will upload menu and hours.
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Fatburger fatburger fatburger! Most of u will not know what I mean but fatburger blows red robin out the water. With a 50s feel and fresh never frozen meat and ingredients they will have u coming back time n time again. Red robin used to be MY spot. But fatburger delivers EVERYTHING RR has on the menu and the fries are 2x better. Never soggy. However this location (since fatburger does not exist in OR) has me comming back to my old hole. Again though everytime I take a bite of these RR burgers I get 2x the food for the same price at fatburger. Oh how I miss your lean drug induced addicting burgers fatburger! This location is not bad but has now tuned itself to overly fast low quality service and food for a kid friendly loud and annoying environment.
• • •
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
Public - 4 years ago
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This place is amazing! Go look at Portland top 10 burger joints and u won't find this place. But you know what you will find. Ratings that do not! Compare to this place. Out of some of the most elegant and masterful resteraunts in Portland this place still has the highest rating and reviews I have found. The burgers are great and they exceed expectations of making your experience perfect. If you like red robin or go out your way for a burger this place is a MUST for less than 9$ you will get a masterpiece I guarantee. Best burger I have had since I moved to Portland.
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
Public - 4 years ago
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I read these reviews and my girl works down the road. I admit I was a skeptic listening to the nit pickers about this place. Rest assured the burgers are all 1/4pound unless u get the Red Robin priced baskets at 1/3pound. If you are looking for a LIGHT burger not teeming with grease and fattening ingredients come here. The veggies don't mask the meat and its the perfect ratio. I only paid 6.75$ for my meal. And recieved a better experience than if I went to McDonald's or other cheap joints. This is fast food quality but dipped in dine-in ability. A much better choice if the guys are hungry wanna drink and watch the game don't go anywhere if u craving fast food for the perfect price go to Joes ;-)
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Public - 4 years ago
reviewed 4 years ago
8 reviews
Ever since Dave died the corporation has ruined this franchise. I miss my deluxe dbl stack with the 1000 island sauce for a buck! I still go here for the chili and nuggets as they are phenomenal. I have been frequently going to wendys as of late which I never do! Salads and other items are superb especially the new montery ranch chicken Omg! But if u crave a burger STRAY away from wendys. U have a better shot at going to carls Jr or jack n the box for a cheaper price higher quality and better quanity.
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Amazing! I had a place up north in redmond,wa called Thai kitchen. I have yet to find ANY Thai food that compares, untill now. They don't have many choices of pad Thai but they have an extensive menu. DO NOT go on the weekend if you want a deal. 7$ pad Thai is not available on the weekends but all and all the portions are massive and very cheap. I will definetely be back here again. Love it it!
Public - 4 years ago
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I have yet to find great Chinese around the beaverton area. My old watering hole was HOUSE of KEE in puyallup,wa and honestly nothing will beat it. This place comes very close. I got a combo at $8.75 substituted subgum chow mein with standard chicken chow mein and got pan fried noodles along with s&s chicken instead of pork and it came to 10.50$ I also had 3plate fulls when I got home with more to eat next day. With regards to the chow mein not bad not the best but for sure not the worst I just wish the pan fried noodles were stirred into the chow mein (they box it seperate.) And the fried rice was not bad. I HIGHLY recommend getting a side of the garlic chilli sauce as it goes GREAT with the shrimp or rice. price was great for portions and the speed in which I got my meal was outstanding. 4* 5 if the food was cooked with love.
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