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corinne rosita Aulakh
I love to share my passion for yoga and horses, and for adventure with others in my yoga classes and retreats
I love to share my passion for yoga and horses, and for adventure with others in my yoga classes and retreats

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Meditation, Yoga, Natural Horsemanship Retreat in Costa Rica

Join us for a transformational journey and experience how meditation, yoga, and natural horsemanship practices guide you to greater self awareness. As you journey inward you begin to feel more calm and centered. You will experience a sense of peace and harmony within yourself and with your horse.

Our expert horse trainer, Jikke Van der Linden, will introduce you to the philosophy, techniques, and practices of natural horsemanship. The goal of natural horsemanship traditions is to help you communicate more effectively with your horse and to enhance your connection with him. We combine natural horsemanship with yoga and meditation.

Corinne Rosita Aulakh is our yoga facilitator. She holds an E-500-RYT certification with Yoga Alliance. She is experienced in Ashtanga vinyasa, Hatha, Sivananda, and the Himalayan tradition. You can find some of her published articles on yoga and horses in Her book describing how to use a yoga practice combined with natural horsemanship will be available later in 2017.

We offer you the opportunity to explore your emotions, your fears, your hopes and dreams with our yogi horse herd. Through natural horsemanship practices and with the help of daily yoga and meditation sessions we will help guide you to greater self understanding. You will experience a heightened sense of communication and connection with horses that will help you as you travel your own path in this life.

Dates: February 18-25 and June 24-July 1, 2017
Price: $2250 for double room sharing in new student apartments
web site:
Yoga with Corinne Rosita
Yoga with Corinne Rosita
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Tsahaylu CR
Connecting with the energy of horses
Dates 14 and 15 January 2017
Time 8.00 till 15.00
Location San Antonio de Escazu
Prices 45.000 colones a day
Instructors Corinne Aulakh Yoga specialist, three certifications
Jikke van der Linden Natural horsemanship
More Information and Booking reservation (506)-84292643 or 83806941
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My yoga practice has helped me live with the chronic pain and inflammation of arthritis. is a web site that provides fact based data about yoga and inspirational articles and information.  check them out.
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Holistic Equine Yoga Certification
100 hours certification course presented in three modules,  offered by  Terry Lillian Newton, developer, manager, and owner of Kindred Spirits, a holistic equine healing facility in Costa Rica  and Corinne Rosita Aulakh, E-500-RYT with Yoga with a View.

Mission Statement: A holistic journey to connect, balance, and  transform your life through yoga and horses.

Who is this course for?
The three one week modules culminating in 100 hours of experience is for equine therapists, equine assisted learning professionals, equine pleasure and competitive enthusiasts, horse owners, barn and equestrian school owners and managers, veterinarians, equine massage therapists, yoga teachers and aspiring yoga teachers, meditation facilitators, life coaches, and anyone who wants to explore the transformational powers of a combined yoga and horse connection.

This is an all-inclusive certification course offered in three modules of one week each. The first module scheduled for 2017 includes room and board, all instruction, and two local excursions. Successful graduates will receive the HEYC Certificate Level I. This unique opportunity is just $2,495 (USD, per person double occupancy).

Dates offered are August 1-7, 2017 and October 23-30.Kindred Spirits, an holistic equine healing facility is located in Playa Cocles, Costa Rica.

Graduates of the HEYC program will gain a greater sense of self awareness, experience an enhanced connection with their horse, and gain the tools to successfully design and implement programs that raise individual and group consciousness with an equine component.

Level I module places emphasis on presenting opportunities for participants to,
*Learn and practice yoga practices of breathing, physical postures, mantra chanting, meditation techniques on the yoga mat and with the horse
*Learn and practice basic natural horsemanship skills and knowledge to ensure your horse is physically and emotionally healthy and happy
*Learn and practice how to identify and influence your own energies and that of your horse in order to forge and enhance the connection between you both
*Learn and practice how to just ‘be in the moment’
*Learn and practice how to let go of fears and ego
*Learn and practice skills on the yoga mat and with the horse that you can take with you as you continue your journey of inner growth and wisdom

Prerequisites for admission to the program
*Open heart and mind
*Purchase book, Yoga paths meet Bridle Paths, by Corinne Rosita Aulakh for Level I
*If you do not hold a professional certification a 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate from a recognized school must be earned before attending Level III of the HEYC program.

There are three opportunities to earn your 200 hour level yoga teacher training certificate in Costa Rica in 2017.
March 1-22, 2017 Yoga with a View, multi-style yoga with horses, 200 YTT with Corinne Rosita Aulakh
July, 2017, 200 YTT with master yogini, Irum, in Playa Cocles with Kindred Spirits
October 1-22, 200 YTT with Corinne Rosita Aulakh, multi style yoga with horses, in Playa Cocles with Kindred Spirits.
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This web site is a new and wonderful resource for yogis, I highly recommend it.  I have used their information and planning tools and find them very useful and acreage.
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join us at our November 24-December 14, 2016 YTT and March 2017 YTT with horses
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