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lisa-anne samuels
An author, a mother, a photographer - in other words a multitasker!
An author, a mother, a photographer - in other words a multitasker!

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The One Where I Vent My Frustration With White People's Perception of the Baltimore Protests - Warning, it's this title.
For the past week I have watched quietly as Baltimore has gone through some very difficult times. This has been hard for me to do as I live only 45 minutes from Charm City and, at one point in my 20s, thought I might move there. I did not, but it was a clos...

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Why #closeFCPS Is Important
Yes, it's been awhile. In fact, the last time I wrote a blog it was about 60 degrees warmer than it is right now. Sixty degrees warmer, definitely sunnier, and most importantly - summertime. The last time I wrote, my son and I were eagerly awaiting the scho...

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Hug the one's you're with
It seems appropriate that the last entry to this on again, off again blog was written at Balticon. That's where I first met P.G. Holyfield (back in 2009? 2010?). It's also the last place I saw him. This year somewhere between one of the panels and Heather's...

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What I've Learned At Balticon Take One
Things I've learned so far at #Balticon... 1) I am definitely far more of an extrovert when surrounded by the right people. 2) Charlie Brown is still an amazing dancer - and I can still barely keep up. But I try! Thanks for the dance(s), Charlie! 3) The fo...

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Sometimes you just have to get away...
It's been a tough Spring. Heck, to be honest, it's been tough around here (our house, the area in which we live, etc) since October when a certain Senator decided that the House of Representatives needed to make a point. So that Senator held a long filibust...

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The School I wanted to go to and the School I did.
I'm obsessed with schools these days. My son is having issues in his school, so I am looking down the road to see what I need to do NOW in order to get him to college/technical school in about 12 years. And, btw, when I say issues I mean the type where you ...

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Slates and Safety for Sarah
It's been awhile since I've posted here. It's not that I haven't written blog posts, just that none of them seemed appropriate. Most of them seemed angry - angry about an accident I was no where near involving people I do not know in an industry I left more...

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Creativity's Curse
It is often said that those of us who are creative have a gift. We are able to see the world through a different lens, and then, somehow, share what we see with others. For some of us that creativity is an easy gift, one we thrive with and through. A gift t...

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So, this is what happens when life interferes...
Back in November I said I was going to launching an author blog in the next few days. Yeah, that didn't happen. Here's what happened instead, in no particular order: Strep - the Monkey A cough that wouldn't quit - Me Lots of days off of school - the Monkey,...

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I had two short stories published this year, quite a surprise for me, but a very happy one. The first is in an Anthology entitled "Dirty Magick: Los Angeles." The story is entitled "Starcrossed" and I'll leave you spoiler free from there. You can buy the Anthology as an eBook or a trade paper book.

The second story is a podcast, which may come out as an eBook eventually. This was a story that was requested of me by the authors of the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series - Tee Morris and Pip Ballentine.  Instead of a Christmas story, they went for a Hanukkah story - a Steam Punk mystery, Hanukkah style. The story is called "Starcrossed and can be found on their page. Links to both stories and my FB Author page are upcoming. Please check everything out and join my FB Author page if you like what you find! I do recommend using the Author page for updates at this point. 

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