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I noticed there is a lack of DCC at Origins this year. :( Is there a specific reason why or just bad luck that no one is running?

Tomorrow I will be running the second game of my own Pulp Cthulhu campaign at the Malted Meeple in Hudson, OH. This time the PCs will be taken into the mountains of Romania. Play report after! (although any suggestions for fun stuff to throw at them is always appreciated)

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As promised, my play report from my Pulp Cthulhu campaign. This is only 1/2 of the first game, I'll detail the second half this week.

My Pulp Cthulhu campaign starts tonight! Can't wait...nazis, cthulhu, and other great pulpy stuff!

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Having an issue creating 7th characters. After I gen characteristics it takes me to the age related updates. That works and I click "Process Updates", it takes me to a page can't be displayed error.

Running a Cult of Chaos game tomorrow at Malted Meeple in Hudson OH. In NE Ohio? Come join us! Plenty of room...and I will be utilizing some cool props!

Such a great tool!

If I had one suggestion, could characters also be exported in something like JSON to be ingested into other programs?

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New Kickstarter using the Ubiquity system. Already funded.
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