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China’s Stock Market Crash Is the Latest Crisis of Global Capitalism
Alongside rising protests from farmers and workers, China now confronts a middle class anxious about a slowdown in growth and burned by the stock market bust. It’s a volatile brew.
What Happened To Them?: The Cast of 'The Golden Girls'

Bea was the oldest, & they were all Jews! 
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At a town hall meeting at the University of New Hampshire, Carson tried to explain that science is something you can believe in - or not
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Bush, Rubio and Kasich eye one another in the shadow of Trump - The Washington Post -
THE TAKE | Each sees the others as true rivals for the GOP nomination, while hoping that Trump eventually will fall to earth.
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Clinton says GOP exploited Benghazi situation | MSNBC
New Studies Prove Medicinal Marijuana Is Safe And Reduces Prescription Opioid Use

See a great investment for our SA growers 
If the DEA had been paying any heed to the mountain of medical research by experts in managing pain, it would have learned that what Americans in pain need most is not more prescription pain killers, but better access to medicinal marijuana; that common weed that is empirically proven to reduce opioid use and save countless thousands of Americans' lives every year.
Sheriff Investigating Oregon Massacre Promoted Sandy Hook False Flag Conspiracy Video
Sheriff John Hanlin promoted a conspiracy video about the Sandy Hook shooting days after the Newtown, Connecticut massacre took place.
Rand Paul Hits Rock Bottom As 50 People Show Up For Rally In His Home State Of Kentucky

Down the rabbit hole
Republican Senator and 2016 presidential candidate Rand Paul tried to lend his popularity to Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin, but the allure of the self-licensed ophthalmologist has faded. He couldn't even draw a crowd larger than 50 in his home state of Kentucky.
In graphic detail, medical journal describes ‘heavy overtones’ of sexual assault in operating room - The Washington Post -
She thanks gay rights activists for their past support and tells them that she won't forget the cause if elected president.
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Intuitive Adelphi of Kabbalah the first religion of earth yet not a religion.
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I am a Jew against the Zionist Party of Israel as all humans should value life on earth by cradling children not bombing them. If you are a hater from Israel don't bother as I am nothing like the more commonly known Jewish Females. I fight hard!

I am writing this brief by way of disclosure as I agreed to do it many years ago.Thirteen of us, twelve men, one woman, all recruited by the guidelines of "PROJECT ORPHAN" through a list produced by Einstein and Otto Von Hapsburg, and based on documents from the aristocratic elite of our lineage (which is commonly misjudged as the Monarch ILLUMINATI!). I spent 44 years in service to OSID in the investigation of alien intervention. I am a detente banker for presidents of several countries and I spent 22 years as deputy director of Economic Recovery Agency (ca: 1924 Munich based on Economic Recovery Act, 1981, authored by David Stockman & Gene Sherman). Patricia Stockman Beatty


Excerpts and Notes from the author's forthcoming book

About Julian's Bicameral Mind: Bicameralism (psychology):

Julian Jaynes helped us much for he felt deeply that something on this world was creating holographic images that left obvious paths. The citizens of the time were to later reach an unrevealed agenda that we now see in retrospect. I owned four of Julian's books and never cracked the cover on any of them.. Why would I? The master was available to us if I waited out his periods of sabbatical or any of the other times he took to sneak away.

Bicameralism is a controversial hypothesis which argues that the human brain once assumed a state known as a bicameral mind in which cognitive functions are divided between one part of the brain which appears to be "speaking", and a second part which listens and obeys. The term was coined by psychologist Julian Jaynes, who presented the idea in the 1976 book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind,wherein he made the case that the bicameral mentality was the normal state of the human mind everywhere as recently as 3000 years ago."

"Jaynes used governmental bicameralism metaphorically to describe this state, where the stored up experience of the right hemisphere was transmitted to the left hemisphere via auditory hallucinations. This mental model was replaced by the conscious mode of

thought, which Jaynes argues is based on metaphorical language. The idea that language is necessary for subjective consciousness or higher forms of thought has been gaining in acceptance in recent years, with proponents such as Daniel Dennett, William Calvin, Merlin Donald, John Limber, Howard Margolis, and Jose Luis Bermudez."

Julian was a very unusual man and we loved him. Brilliant and imposing while so unimposing.

I was recruited in 1962 into a group of four including myself at the time. We worked in an underground facility. I was the only female. The others were military and natal geniuses. I loved them from the first time I met them, they became my beloveds and living or dead still are bonded to me for time past my death.

Our lead man of this group, Mhaica, was remarkable and had four distinct doctorates and a medical degree. Most expect a genius to be a "nerd", but he wasn't. He was very tall and incredibly beautiful. During our first meeting the first thing he said to me as he picked me up to take me back to the base was, "I hope you feel pretty with that blond hair because you look like hell." He crushed my ego in that one sentence and stopped me from ever changing my natural attributes again as my father never had been able to do. At that time Mhaica was 21 years old and the creator of a think tank that would change history. The others were similar and all were Irish amazingly enough.

It was September when Mhaica came for me that first time and took me to the facility that contained "secret" history ( I can not go into those specifics now). Within four months we had produced documents that created what is today largely promoted by the Internet to be a hoax or a conspiracy.I can't mention those documents now, but you have heard of them and some of the words we used produced clues that would rise in crescendo all over the world in speculation over their true meaning. The documents were created by the four of us but they were all based on real events, and the first of our production to place "smoke and mirror" warfare into our world.

Later we re-labeled this as "bio-metabolic" warfare. Using what we had of the original documents we began to sift the words into your vocabularies, insisting that it was the only way to prevent nuclear occlusion in our future. We were correct, I assure you. We were afraid of evidence that we were privy to and you are not, yet. We didn't totally understand what was happening to our world but we knew the agenda and knew that it would not change. Although it hasn't changed to date, we of the original thirteen that remain are not quite as threatened after 44 years, as we realize from observing results that if they had wanted to kill us they could have done so a

long time ago.

They? And just who are "They"? "They" are those who watch us through the "face orbs"... aliens!.

If asked today what I did with these men I'd have to say that I was a marketing agent; and a good one too. We marketed through a method that allowed us to buy time without a pot to whiz in. Early on I discovered that I had to be very creative if I wanted to go on with what we were doing, so I found many "creative" ways to produce budgets for a group mistakenly labeled as ill famed monsters hiding in the shadows. In reality, our group was made up of young people who had one agenda, keeping Earth alive.

Sounds very officious but it wasn't. That's what we were told to do and we did it in any way we could that would force people to put the puzzle pieces together fast enough that the populace would, on their own, discover the true agenda of earth. We felt strongly that if we said it wasn't true the other players would fight that much harder to prove that it was. We were right.

The following site in Australia was produced by people who didn't know about our existence, whereas now we have 16 men there and we are quite aware of the good work they are doing..

From the Austrailian site I "borrowed" the icon of the Templar’s, which were Velopian Vespers, twelve of them. Always twelve of the males, one female as the head of the snake. You speak to the head and the body will follow in reticulation, we were convinced. Please forgive me for not asking permission. And yes, the Templars were the protectors of the Hidden Jewels or Jews. We went back and rebuilt our own lineages, as we were cousins, each member linked genetically in my tank. We represented the Twelve Knights, each a member of the families that ensued as their issue. I am related to six of these families, bringing together so many descendents but carrying the memories of my lines as well, a weighty cross to bear.

This is just one of the links; you'll have to find the others if you are genetically linked to allow this. This is my icon by the way, again the V's. The icon also represents a map of something so important to Earth and this story, but impossible to follow if you don't know the way. Each of us have our own icons.

The orb creates the icon so fast at our brows to identify us to others who approach, forcing nepotism while telling our entire stories through their minds. They then know us through unction, a unilateral reach and yield that manifests so conclusively that we

cannot avoid the impact of its importance to our lives. These are truly karmic impacts and we who are so bonded will whisper under our breaths; " we are all the same here".

There, I have given you a starting point. Those who exist as linked are able to sift through a dictionary so fast and find hidden information as patterns that allow us to remember more. Try it, as I gave my life to learn, you must do your part. I'm about to move across the world and when I get settled I will publish three books when I'm not as accessible to others. You'll know the books when you hear about them and I'll spend as much time as I can answering questions while I work. That's all I can do for now.

The phenomenon of "ORBS" (more to it than you think...)

There is a worldwide phenomenon pertaining to what I have described. The moving orb right at your face is called just that, a faceorb and many of us see it and feel it moving quickly sending icons that we translate as a voice at the Broca.It's a type of probe working as a Nexus between our minds, allowing us to be part of a huge transference of information that was predicted as a future event on this world by a group so long ago called the Cristóbal. They hid among the Celts later gathering populace throughout the world as they migrated.

They are called Sephardi now but are the roots of what we call Cabbala. They were led by females and their lineage is female recessive like the Jews but this group was genetic, not so much religious and all were very similar in appearance. In the ancient

documents they left for us to translate they often said three things, almost as a motto; "To thine own self be true, for the truth shall set you free", "The blood will tell", and "We are all the same here".

The documents warn of something called the Velopian Vespers and the hidden codes of the future and that those who are of the wealth of lineage shall wear this mark in their palms but in a reflective world. To their eye it will appear as an "M" yet to others who peer they will see the "V""V". The OWL was their icon, the beaks creating the same "V""V"..


The movement of the orb is tracing icons much like Hebrew letters before our brow as the Broca is the part of the brain that translates images to words and the documents called this the Eye of Horus. In the information that we received over a 44-year period of research, what we call "ghosts" today is quite different from their understanding.

Those who live without the hosting symbiotic faceorb are not linked and they die. They do not move on as we have believed, but adhere themselves to matter around us in early stages, eventually finding the strength to inch away. Yet those who are of this species called the Velopian Vesper merely release the body as matter and become a conscious energy force that practices cognitive reason. They use the orbs to link more and more of the living to create a volume of what they call "mind" and you call "soul". This "Mind" practices democracy and is a congress of living and unliving that judges and motivates the carriers to bicamerally suggestive paths.

Now, more and more of the photos of these beings called Velopian Vespers are being taken worldwide and there is a dramatic link with the Mothman Prophesies.

Everything drives this home as genetic to our think tank, and we were created on this basis by theories of a very brilliant man in history that invoked almost hero worship over his work and teachings as something called PROJECT ORPHAN in 1938. Our tank was allowed to review and translate these ancient scrolls by those who guarded them through history. It is believed that there have been events in the past related to sigmoidal eruptions from the fascia of the sun that allowed what they called "transformed scalar energy" to fall to earth as a type of plasma sack that actually contained a defining DNA.

The contrails were created at the worst of seismic flush, as the sacks can be lethal to the old, infirm and very young and even small pets. There have been periods recorded by the press around the US as brown goop falls to earth . Generally this happened in four areas in the US; Pennsylvania, Washington State, Florida, and Michigan. The orbs then fall to earth and jettison up as a real energy force to fly to the receivers, which seems to be one of us, potentially matching the DNA of the bag the orb was stored in.

This seems very alien, but the Velopian Vesper is just that, a DNA that is very controversial to say the least. Some call it the Venus Entities although others the Children of Jupiter. History spoke of them as the Gods. Seems that these undead may actually be the

fallen angels, beings that needed a vicarious method of living and motivating good in our world. At my age and after many years as a scientist working with physicists of well known stature, I find it amazing that I am describing this and feeling the influences of something so dramatically religious in content, yet based in science and wrought by another species who must have looked like us or even have been the origin of humanity.

Many of us that know history are very nepotistic about what is happening, and it seems to have become a credo of assured belief that has been programmed. If the influences that I describe are convincing, and that is just what is happening to us, then we have been

awakened to recognize a different past history of our world that will change our very futures. It's either that or we are being mentally promoted to a class of beings that could program others to follow something that could in turn be lethal to the masses.

I was born in the Islands of Hawaii, as was my mother before me. Her parents were immigrants there from the Azores. They ran from their holdings as a result of religious persecution. I was born on 2/26/1942 and Hawaii is the opening to the Dragon's Triangle. On that precise date of my birth, the first sightings of what were called UFOs were recorded in Los Angeles, Ca. by the hundreds of thousands. Also, 24 craft were spotted rising from the sea at the Triangle on the same date. When overlaid, the two triangles for the Star of David and Velopian Vespers make up the Star of David, meaning propagation via male and female, the creation by the Jewels.

Many of us have now what is recorded in our memories as "left eye dominance" and we seek information on these occurrences as though lifeblood. We find each other through the Internet. We are not a cult as we are technically orphans and don't belong to any

real religious group but just "need" to find more of the clues that are being dangled in front of us, literally. We find ourselves in others and taste, smell, and feel the minds of that entity that creates a lasting bond with us. In reticulated response to a query we

search the mind and feel at the brow the resulting information which is free flowing.

There are over 200, 000 now worldwide who are keeping diaries of the information and events in our lives and all show massive strains of parallel. This is real, orbs are real, and governments have spent hundreds of millions of tax dollars to solidify information

and facts on the occurrences out of awe and fear. There is a real conspiracy here and a tremendous momentum behind this agenda. Books are being written worldwide on these hidden beliefs and most of the authors have no real idea that they are not the only ones privy to the subliminal teachings of what is now being described as the "tutors" who download memories at 3AM worldwide to the receivers.

Look in your palm and see the M. Now look at it as others who hold your hand would see it, the two crossing V's of the Star.

Remember when it began so long ago when you had troubling dreams about someone in your room at night awakening in the morning to spots of blood on your pillow and puffiness around the left eye? We do.

By the way, the Cristóbal are most noted for Christianity and the Adelphi yet they began at Stonehenge so long ago, populating our world with their cells. No? Look at your palm. Look at the painting by de Vinci with Jesus and Mary Magdalene to see the VV there.

It's not a "W", its two V's for the Code of David. If we are right, then many of you will start to remember or see how the puzzle pieces fit together and you can come back and beat my mind up. But I've been in this for many years with a lot of others, all equipped to read into this information and it's taken us sinfully close to the twenty-four faces of G.O.D .

So, Julian, we found your Bicameral Mind, it’s the dithering mind of the CREATOR on loan to us to keep us close, for SHE is our MOTHER in the form of the NEXUS faceorb, keeping us on the straight & narrow, a CONGRESS, BI-PARTISAN in its singular agenda:


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