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Services all this week have been good. Sunday morning and Sunday evening services were handled by our Pastor's son and a former pastor, and this Wednesday our visiting speaker continued his series on "Deviations From God's Design."

Make sure to join us this upcoming Sunday for services! Service times and additional information are listed on our website:

The second Wednesday prayer meeting service without our Pastor went well and included choir songs, congregational singing, and special music. Bro. Jeff Setzer of Creation Family Ministries also began a series on "Deviations From God's Design."

Make sure that you join us on Sunday if you're able for our special Mother's Day services, and again on Wednesday next week. Services Sunday begin at 10:00 for Sunday School and then at 11:00 for the morning service, while the evening service begins at 6:00. Love to see you here!

Tonight's service went very well. The choir sang 'A New Look At The Old Book' and 'The Bible Stands', the congregation sang 'Oh Happy Day', 'Wonderful Words of Life' and 'I Will Sing The Wondrous Story', and Pastor Brendel's son, Michael, preached.

Wednesday services begin at 7:00; be sure to join us!

'When God Asks: "Why?"'

1. When There Is No Compliance---Genesis 4:6
2. When There Is No Cleansing---Judges 2:2
3. When There Is No Clinging---II Chronicles 24:20, 25:15
4. When There Is No Concern---Isaiah 1:5
5. When There Is No Comprehension---Haggai 1:9

Services this morning were great; Sunday Morning's sermon was preached by a former Pastor and focused on being good servants for the Lord. Make sure to join us tonight if you're in the area, services begin at 6:00.

"What A True Servant of God Is"
Text: Malachi 2:5-7

1. He Fears God
2. He Proclaims God's Message
3. He Avoids Iniquity
4. He Walks With God
5. He Turns Men To God
6. He Teaches the Law
7. He Is God's Messenger

What Kind Of Servant Are You?

Tonight's service went well in the absence of our Pastor, who is currently on a missions trip the country of India. Continue to pray for the Lord's blessing there. The outline of tonight's sermon is below:

'Why Christ Is All I Need'

1. I Find Salvation On His Shoulders---Luke 15:1-5
2. I Find Security In His Hand---John 10:28, Isaiah 49:15-16
3. I Find Safety Under His Wings---Psalm 63:7, Psalm 57:1, Psalm 17:8
4. I Find Schooling At His Feet---Luke 8:35, Luke 10:39

This morning was wonderful! Our magnificent choir presented the Christmas Cantata, "When Jesus Came" and will be singing it again this evening as well. We would love to have you here with us at Faith Baptist for the Sunday Evening service and Cantata. Services begin at 6:00 tonight and prayer meeting is at 5:45.

Wednesday services are always special. Our song service is followed by a church-wide time of prayer requests and prayer and then by our Pastor's weekly study through Isaiah. Last night's sermon examined Isaiah chapter 6.

Isaiah 6:1-13

I. Declaration of the Event---1-4
A. Sight---1
B. Seraphim---2
C. Saying---3
D. Structure---4
E. Submission---5

II. Dedication and the Enlistment---6-8
A. Sanctification---6-7
B. Sending---8

III. Divulging of the Errand---9-12
A. Stagnation---9
B. Shunning---10
C. Stopping---11-12

IV. Deliverance at the End---13
A. Sprouting---13

Church at Faith Baptist yesterday was fabulous. Sunday Morning's sermon was about the 'unspeakable gift', and Sunday Night's was taken from Jeremiah 5. Because a special speaker spoke in the evening service, our Pastor did not continue our study in I Corinthians but will resume his series in a few weeks.

Jeremiah 5:1-31

1. God's Asking---Verses 3 and 22
2. God's Attempts---Verses 1-5
3. God's Anger---Verses 7-9 and 29
4. God's Analysis---Verses 19, 25 and 30-31
5. God's Assurance---Verse 18

We had fabulous services tonight. Bro. Gary Norris has been in town all week and led the song service for us again, and Pastor Brendel continued his Isaiah series by preaching the last half of chapter 5 which we started to look at last week. Because the chapter was preached in two parts, both outlines will be posted below.

Isaiah 5:1-30

I. A Look at the Vineyard---1-7
A. Placing---1
B. Provision---2
C. Plea---3
D. Perversion---4
E. Permanence---5-6
F. Person---7

II. A Lack of Veracity/Integrity---8-17
A. Greed---8
B. Gouging---9
C. Gauging---10
D. Gorging---11
E. Grandeur---12
F. Grueling---13
G. Gravity---14
H. Gruesomeness---15
I. Greatness---16
J. Guarantee---17

III. A Loss/Leaving of Verity---18-23
A. Severity---18
B. Scoffing---19
C. Switching---20
D. Superiority---21
E. Stupendousness---21-23

IV. A List of Vexings---24-30
A. Surety---24
B. Smiting---25
C. Sending---26
D. Strength---27-28
E. Subduing---29
F. Smothering---30

Sunday Services were fabulous! Because we had a guest speaker in for the evening service, our Pastor preached his I Corinthians sermon in the morning. The outline is below.

I Corinthians 6:1-20

I. Problem of Compromise---1-8
A. Warning---1
B. Worthiness---2-3
C. Placement---4
D. Provision---5
E. Provocation---6
F. Fault---7
G. Fraud---8

II. Past Cleansing---9-11
A. Reiteration---9-10
B. Redemption---11

III. Present Cleansing---12-20
A. Liberty--12
B. Licentiousness---13
C. Resurrection---14
D. Reiteration---15
E. Relationship---16-17
F. Rejection---18
G. Indwelling---19
H. Indebtedness---20
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