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Dogmatic Pyrrhonist (Tiktaalik Dreaming)
Sub species of Pan troglodyte with significant morphological variation from recently deviated common ancestor
Sub species of Pan troglodyte with significant morphological variation from recently deviated common ancestor

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Moar answers! 
An enormous batch of questions in the AAAAAAAA ! this week, raising a perhaps foolhardly idea...

Featuring generational starships, shoddy press releases, UFOs, and set of spectacular ways to torture a white dwarf until it makes a horrible mess on the carpet.

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A bit of positivism. Although it's worth noting all those positive trends come about with effort, and effort is needed right now. 
Here’s an interview with someone hated by both parts of the far-left and the entire right, Professor Stephen Pinker, who, along with Peter Diamandis (“Abundance”) has used facts to shatter the delusion that everything is spiraling into hell. That mythology doesn’t help inspire us to save the world, but rather spreads nihilism and cynicism. In fact, statistically, there are dozens of reasons for (guarded) optimism! Which, in turn, ought to inspire a can-do spirit and belief that we can act vigorously, to solve problems. Pinker is interviewed by Phil Torres. One special insight: When people believe that the world is heading off a cliff, they are receptive to the perennial appeal of demagogues: "What do you have to lose?" Sound familiar?

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A bit more detail on NASA's idea of putting crew on the first SLS launch. It's a feasibility study, not a decision, was the key point I took away. So they haven't gone crazy just yet. Thye were probably asked if it could be done, and this is due diligence to tell some senate committee to GFI
We're studying the benefits and risks of adding a crew to the first integrated flight of our new Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft. Learn more:

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Cloudflare Reverse Proxies are Dumping Uninitialized Memory

Commentary here
first comment:
Oh, my god.
Read the whole event log.
If you were behind Cloudflare and it was proxying sensitive data (the contents of HTTP POSTs, &c), they've potentially been spraying it into caches all across the Internet; it was so bad that Tavis found it by accident just looking through Google search results...
...This is approximately as bad as it ever gets. A significant number of companies probably need to compose customer notifications; it's, at this point, very difficult to rule out unauthorized disclosure of anything that traversed Cloudflare.

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I hadn't read this story in any form before, and it's a great story. 

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I got my two new t shirts today. Now I just need somewhere suitable to wear them.
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I has a phone.
About two years ago I got me a onePlus one phone. They came preinstalled with cyanogen, and the motivating factor was being pissed at vendor update schedules. As you might know, that worked fine until cyanogen self destructed in November.
So I've been meaning to flash to lineage (the open source corpse of cyanogen) or Oxygen OS (OnePlus's response to cyanogen legal issues in India). After much swearing, both lineage and Google services are now installed and the old beast at the same time, and it boots. Some bits keep crashing in the background, but I think that's mostly because there's bits of droid v6 Google services on droid v7. Aggressive app updating and phone reboots should fix that eventually. So I'm calling that a success.
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