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3 1/2 Months
How far along:  15 weeks Gender:  Mystery Weight gain: 4 lbs. Maternity clothes:  Yes! A little bump is finally starting to show. Definitely using the rubber band trick on my jean buttons. Sleep:  Sleeping good, but hard to get used to sleeping on my side. ...

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Not only am I feeling very positive, but also our pregnancy test came back positive!  We are beyond thrilled to welcome our first little one into our lives! How
far along:  8
weeks - 12 weeks Gender:  Mystery Weight
gain:  1+
lbs. Maternity
clothes: Not yet...

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Instagram Reading Bins
This year I wanted to make my student's reading bins more personal.  Previously, I have always had them numbered so I could use them from year to year.  This year I took pictures of each of my students and edited their picture using Instagram (Earlybird fil...

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Morning Meeting
I am a firm believer in the Responsive Classroom philosophy! As stated on the Responsive Classroom homepage : " Responsive Classroom  is a research- and evidence-based approach to education that is associated with greater teacher effectiveness, higher stude...

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Behavior Phrases
Some of my favorite behavior phrases are: Is that helping the class? Why? This helps students realize that their choices affect their classmates learning. That is one warning, I'm looking for ________.   This very clearly helps your students understand wh...

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Yay for Fridays! On Fridays in third grade, my team has a phenomenal reward/accountability system.  Every Friday, the last thirty minutes of the day we have Hotdog! What is Hotdog? Hotdog is a time for kids who made positive behavior and academic choices a ...

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Transitions are such a big part of our day; however, they are rarely discussed.  A few years ago when I got my first long-term sub job teaching 4th grade, my class was very chatty.  We were losing so much time transitioning from subject to subject.  As a re...

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New Student Bag
I just discovered the most brilliant idea from one of my co-workers!  It is so simple, I can't believe I have never thought of it before!  When setting up your classroom at the beginning of the year, create a new student bag.  Every time you make something ...

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Now, many of you are probably wondering: "What is a KOALA?"  It is AMAZING!!  In third grade at my school, we have a 3 ring binder for each of our students that contains their assignment notebook, take home folder, important information for families, unit h...

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Establishing Class Rules
A favorite lesson for many teachers: establishing class rules.  This is an exciting turning point in the first week! The students start to understand what their teacher is expecting from them.  They will continue to test; however, now is the time for a teac...
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