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Kelly Christensen (KC3Lady)
KC3Lady - Raising awareness about workplace mobbings and gangstalking based on my experiences the last 16 years of enduring same.
KC3Lady - Raising awareness about workplace mobbings and gangstalking based on my experiences the last 16 years of enduring same.

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This is at least the fourth time I have had to start over trying to report all of this. First, I attempted to do it verbally with the police but received gaslighting, avoidance and intimidation tactics, verbal gymnastics, etc.

The second time I typed submissions out and printed hard copies with my last dime, then hand delivered them to various police departments - walking. This was to get around the gaslighting, verbal gymnastics, etc. Then it was that I needed to divide the facts into perfect parcels by jurisdiction - walking to all of the jurisdictions, of course. I intended to then hand deliver packets in order to keep their parcel in the fuller context. My documents folder, backpack and flashdrive were stolen - out of my apartment - and my email account hacked - again.

Then, I started Kansas City Gangstalking - Exposing This Crap on Facebook, which became apparent was not working well either due to hackers editing, deleting, etc. I was told via directed conversation that the police had "seized" the page, but that did not seem to be following through in my daily experience. For example, my food was still being poisoned in my apartment, microwaving (including radar - see electromagnetic spectrum) being directed at me, etc.

So, I am simply trying to move what is left of what I posted there (that hasn't been edited, deleted, etc.,) over to Google+. I will then begin putting everything, once again, back in sequential, logical order on Blogger at I am currently posting the deaths, then I will move on to the other concerns, threats, etc., then go back over everything to proofread it and fill in any additional details, link it to relevant supporting material, etc.

Note: They especially love to make small, little edits so it appears a sentence does not make sense, etc.

Find my photo albums at

I did not have tax issues prior to the year I worked for Tom Carew at Stinson Morrison Hecker. I was audited that year and I have had tax issues ever since. Additionally, I have noticed others who have had tax liens.
This is another alleged and widely read or known classic Clinton tactic toward those being targeted.  The very first thing you would read about two decades ago was that they were audited.

Additionally, note that Rhett and Sam McCann of Slidell, Louisiana proudly and often discuss their involvement in the Knights of Columbus.  There is also a Knights of Columbus organization within a couple of block of my apartment in Mission.

A few of the hashtags to start:

Gangstalking Slow Kill Murder Scheme Framework
March 1, 2016

Think upper-middle class white male psychopath with huge entitlement issues resulting in no respect for anyone else’s boundaries or rights. Think further out on the spectrum of what a pedophile does to a child, an attorney and psychiatrist doing to full grown women. Think orchestrated trauma bonding, forced isolation, forced poverty and dependency, forced prostitution, forced marriages, etc., intentional imbalance of power, inflicting or searching for “Daddy issues,” and parasitic relationships as they attach themselves to your life, but with additional motives of facilitating the access to your children for abusive men and your grandchildren for pedophiles in order to conceal their criminal medical experimentation (including psychological) procedures and experimentation with fraudulent class action claims (asbestos-infecting, POA, followed by fraudulent claim unknown to target; criminally installed medical devices, fraudulently or criminally administered pharmaceuticals, egg and/or embryo harvesting (while being impregnated unknowingly while drugged in your own bed or otherwise)), etc., while ultimately cleaning up and profiting even more financially with auto, health and life insurance fraud, incriminating with impersonations (note gangstalking commentary that he “invested in convincing masks,” which I have personally witnessed) then even going as far as assuming identities, credentials, reputations, property, etc., with impersonations and/or after an unannounced death or human trafficking. (This is based what I have witnessed, experienced or have reason to suspect. I have also witnessed men being targeted by female “Don Juan” perpetrators, too).

Think of an intelligent man who idolizes Bill Clinton surveying the political landscape. Bill Clinton was ridiculed for the quote, “That depends on what the meaning of is is.” Then, consider ISIS. Think Jennifer Flowers. Think of the longstanding political maneuver of creating a distraction while passing something with which the public does not agree. Consider the allegations that Clinton was rewriting the history books a couple of decades ago, just as the relevant perpetrators seek to rewrite personal and family histories. Consider the erosion of our Constitutional rights in the name of the drug war while Clinton was allegedly having drugs flown into this country, and the story of two 10 year old little boys being killed in Arkansas who witnessed a drug drop. Consider Waco, how the local Sheriff tried to take up for them but was outranked in a public spectacle marking the first time in the history of this country tanks were used against United States citizens on America soil. Now consider how guns are being targeted in the name of terrorism, when most Americans believe our own government was responsible for 9/11. Then consider whomever said the only way a society willingly gives up personal rights is out of fear.

Now, take this down to the level of, predominately in my current and past experience to primarily Kansas City, New Orleans and New York City (however, Armstrong Teasdale is based out of St. Louis with a Kansas City office). Now, look at the article entitled, Warden Grier faces suit from ex-partner over 9/11 settlement fees. (Kansas City Business Journal) I worked for Donald F. Martin at BSPM immediately prior to law school in the Corporate Woods office. I even stayed in touch with him during law school. Actually, I called him from my desk at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005 while working for Tom Carew. Don Martin’s secretary told me he was deathly ill from a brain infection (brain theme). (Please check on Mike Grier because he is a great guy and I am concerned about him, too.)

Now, see American Century wins $373M judgment from JP Morgan unit. (Kansas City Business Journal) I worked for Randy Hendricks in 2010. I worked for Randy, first as his assistant, then training his secretary, then doing document review on this case. I am concerned Randy was being set up and targeted. I am also concerned about Charlie, Jaime and Katie.
Thomas Edward Carew created Data Recovery Connect with five founding members while I was his assistant in 2005. (Not Recovery Data Connect, but Data Recovery Connect – insurance subrogation). Tom Carew quote in person at SMH in 2005: “Be sure to shred these (as he was handing me a stack of computer printouts). They’re medical records we’re not suppose to have.”
Now, think of a person intentionally creating deniability, for power, money and/or sex (mixing elements of various groups to throw police and targets off track) Also, consider the traditional ways of discrediting a person – drugging them, incriminating them, establishing a bogus mental health record.
See ice pick and ethyl alcohol (ethanol) lobotomies. Me not being able to think clearly for approximately 18 months after working for Tom Carew in 2005, my daughter nearly losing her left eye is an alleged car accident in Slidell, LA in July 2010 (4 days after Tom Carew showed up at the firm I was working at RHGM and glaring at me), my grandson’s left eye in the photo that was just edited when my backpack was stolen a few days ago, then the FB post several months ago noting that my youngest grandson’s “eye is getting better.” There are additional facts pointing in this direction, too.
See Ethanol Powers New Trading Firm, Kansas City Business Journal, 2/26/2006, quotes by Thomas Edward Carew, attorney-at-law, fromer of Stinson Morrison Hecker.
Then, there is allegedly the Dr. T. E. Carew, neurologist and psychiatrist, allegedly in charge of an "insane asylum" in NYC, where my computer hacking repeatedly traced back to - NYC.
FN: See Dr. David McDermott’s story, as well as his online and published writings on psychopaths and cult tactics.
Submitted to various police departments - documented separately.
This final copy was hacked*** Noticed hack 4/18/2016 - removed impersonations, removed rewriting history, etc. I noticed another hack (edited text) 5/6/2016.

This is posted after trying for months to get law enforcement to file police reports and do their jobs.


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People hate the truth. Luckily, the truth doesn't care.

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Congratulations and thank GOD!

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It appears has either been hacked or is no longer available (or at least not at the moment) since this meme was made a couple of years ago....but still good information.

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An interesting case, and in Kansas, too.
Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man's Mind!

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Narcissists love to flip the script, accusing you of the exact thing they've done. - Gail Meyers

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The late Kathy Krajco, What Makes Narcissists Tick, download her free book at

Narcissists Suck's post regarding Kathy's sudden passing in 2008 -

Kathy's Lighthouse blog -

Kathy's What Makes Narcissists Tick blog


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Merry Christmas to my children (which includes grandchildren) and friends.

As is so often the case, Anna Valerious of Narcissists Suck says it well...
A Christmas Message from Narcissists Suck by Anna Valerious

And, if that ("Don't allow abuse of any kind" Dr. McBride's quote from previous posting) means filing a police report, receiving police protection, and criminal prosecution against extended family of origin members (such as ones I have been no contact with for years), or unrelated psychopaths who think they're "handlers," you should damn well be able to file police reports, have police protection and the crimes prosecuted without being gaslighted, harassed (such as my May 2016 arrest which was bogus and harassment), struck electronically, or enduring further threats or abuse of any kind from the police, be it a psychopath impersonating an officer apparently without consequences (such as what Tom Carew did to me in May 2014), dirty cops, secret society or cult members with dual agendas and secret oaths trumping their duties on the police force, or police departments as a whole playing dumb or conveniently looking the other way while perpetrators continue entering your residence repeatedly drugging or poisoning your food, putting drugs or toxins in your ventilation system, and continue their crimes uninterrupted, in this case at the end of The Year of the Police Report. - Kelly Ann Christensen a/k/a KC3Lady
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