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7 Jahre Tattoo, Piercing und BodyMod Fortbildung
7 Jahre Tattoo, Piercing und BodyMod Fortbildung

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8th BMXnet Conference - International Tattoo, Piercing & BodyMod Educational Seminar

This year we want to try something new: "Open Orga"

Open Orga means that we want the event to organize itself for the most possible parts ... that would roughly happen in those steps:

1) Everybody is asked to suggest and request speakers and then we will reach out and see who can and wants to come ... 

2) Once we have a list of all classes / seminars and workshops (and show/party acts!?) available attendees can pre-book their individual conference

3) All speakers who have enough attendees signed up that their costs are covered would then come and confirm their classes etc. ... all attendees would get their invoices and would pay asap ... once enough payment arrived speakers (flights etc.) are booked and money is spend ...

^^ That is wishful thinking ... it would be the perfect way to have a conference - kinda no risk for everybody and deadlines where speakers could cancel or attendees would not book ... but reality is different ... so we need to develop a software and create a timeline of deadlines that supports that "Dream-Conference" best!

This way the BMXnet team would not have to take the risk of paying bills out of their own pockets (which already happened, sometimes we had sponsors who throw some extra cash in etc.) and everybody should get the conference they wish!

Also a big advantage is that we would know the size of classes before the conference so we could plan the best rooms for it or schedule it twice ... scheduling classes twice also would minimize collisions where you sit in one class and missing another ... that is also something the software would need to do - minimize collisions ... it is impossible that everybody can see everything they want but most should be able to the most of what they want to :) ... maybe we allow priority on classes or something ... 

You see ... it's a lot of work ^^ :)

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